Friday, September 23, 2011

"Obama Is Paying Pakistan To Kill U.S. Troops"

Today, retiring Chief of Staff Admiral Mullen and outgoing CIA Director Leon Pannetta gave testimony before Congress that U.S. Intelligence discovered Pakistan aided,abetted, and participated in the terrorists' bombings at Kabul and at the American Embassy this month.  American and Nato casualties were devastating, yet Obama has said not one word publicly about this.  Apparently Obama did wag a finger at Pakistan's Intelligence Chief and said he better not do that again.

Folks, this is not the first time our Intelligence officials have reported on Pakistan's active role in killing U.S troops., providing sanctuary for Osama Bin Laden and working actively against American military efforts in the Middle East.

Query One:  Has America lost its backbone?  We have gone to war for far less than this! 

Query Two:  Has Obama become so enamored with Muslims that he refuses to uphold the honor and integrity of America?

Query Three:  After all of this information has come out in the last year, why are we still providing over $30 billion dollars in military and economic assistance to Pakistan?  Why are we forgiving $1.5 billion in Pakistani debt?

Query Four:  Why did Obama back down from Pakistan when they refused to allow American troops from cleaning out pockets of terrorists just over the border from Afghanistan?

Anyone who has read my earlier blogs know that I'm strenuously opposed to any ground wars in the Middle East.  That includes our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.  However, I am baffled about why we are providing billions of dollars in assistance to Pakistan when every move they have made has been against us and has contributed mightily to harm against our troops!

We should halt all military and economic aid to Pakistan effective today!  It should have been done as soon as we learned that Pakistan was protecting Bin Laden!  If future military action is required, for God's sake, let's not do another invasion.  We can do strategic bombing and strafing and inflict damage from the air if need be.

God Bless America and God Help America! develop a backbone!

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