Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hispanic Crime and Political Correctness, Vol II

Here you go folks; here's the August Mug Shot gallery for Phoenix, Arizona.  I'll continue posting these mug shot articles until America wakes up to the fact that 80 percent of our crime is now hispanic crime.  Some are illegal but many are home-grown hispanic criminals bred by those we gave amnesty to during the last two decades.  Still want to give amnesty for the 30 million illegals already here?  Obama does; he's already put out the word to the Justice Department to cease deporting illegals and issue them work permits.

And the mauling continues.  Here's a recap of just today's crime news:

Hispanic man tries to kidnap 13 year old girl today (they love kidnapping teen girls and taking them down to Mexico and putting them on the prostitute circuit).

Hispanic man stabs and beats to death his girl friend

Two Hispanic men shoot two Phoenix police officers on west side

Two Hispanics rob bank, believe they are the same pair that robbed Glendale bank two weeks ago.

Too routine to be included in crime report:  a dozen hit and run accidents all over the valley.

Illegal Hispanic arrested for theft and use of stolen social security card; worked at Wendy's for ten years on the stolen card, only caught when IRS came to true owner demanding why she had not been paying taxes on her (his) earnings.

Increase in hispanic population in neighboring El Mirage drives up Surprise, Arizona theft and burglary rates by 13 percent over last year

40 instances of illegals driving without license and insurance reported for Sun City and Youngtown; can't be arrested because Obama's Justice Department forbids it; declares law enforcement is unfairly targeting illegals for deportation.

Sigh, review the mug shots (link); you'll find 80 percent of arrests are illegal felons.

Please, someone join me; get off your ass and write one little letter to Congress:  No Amnesty and the U.S. Military on the border


Anonymous said...

Amen. You spoke the truth.
They are a culture with little to no respect for the law.

grenadavet said...

I say our government is at the very least malfeasant of their duty to insure tranquillity and secure borders. I have an idea (not totally original, I grant you).Volunteer military service for citizenship, all other illeagals deported, by our boys that are now mired in Afghanistan ( who coulda guessed????) brought back home whilst our now leagal aliens prove their loyalty. I bet we could raise the numbers to truly be the "world police". Wait a minute... hasn't that been tried????

grenadavet said...

PS- Don't know how I mispelled legal...twice!!