Monday, May 2, 2016

Idiot-Proofing America


Yesterday, our government masters, specifically, the Federal Railroad Administration, declared Phoenix to have five of the top 15 most dangerous railroad crossings in the nation. And they want Phoenix to spend tens of millions to do something about it....or else!

Well, people, I researched the problem..and came up with some startling results.

At all 5 crossings there are red flashing lights, and crossing guards. And not a train goes through that isn't honking that train whistle with great gusto! When I researched further I found that, in every instance of the train accidents, the driver had either ignored the flashing red lights, AND the whistle. Worse, drivers who got "train-flattened" had taken deliberate action to weave through the crossing barriers, trying to beat that train. And at the crossing where the most accidents have occurred, the crossing is located in our very own Maryvale, home of the most concentrated locale of illegal Mexicans than anywhere in Arizona. These are the folks who already violate our immigration laws, so, hey, what's a few flashing lights and a few crossing barriers to them? And, hey, if these gringos really cared they'd print all train crossing warnings in Spanish, right?

What I find remarkable about all this is that, despite "Mother Government's" massive and expensive effort to "idiot-proof" our lives, there will always be idiots who prove to be immune. Sadly, the more government tries to "idiot-proof", the more idiots we get! Hell, when I was a kid we knew not to drink the under sink bleach, or pour ourselves a nice cup of Drano....but, seemingly kids today seemed not to be able to resist! And if they can't have their Drano they'll whip up a nice concoction of bath salts for a nice after school high...huh kiddies?

But, let's get back to train crossings. The city of Phoenix recently installed a mult-billion dollar light rail system here. The feds kicked in some, and Phoenix residents were assessed a big old sales tax on food to pay for it. The system was finished in 2009. And guess what? In the six short years of it's existence, 118 idiots have plowed into those little light rail cars and sent them and their passengers careening off the rails!

Take heart, people! Our government masters will surely appropriate a few billion of your tax try and come up with another "idiot-fix".



Brian Kalifornia said...

The solution is simple.....teach people common sense. Oh wait, you can't teach common sense. The hell with it let the trains plow the idiots. This is called "thinning of the herd". If for anything, it makes for good looky looing. (sp)

TheRandyGuy said...

Government continues down the path of passing laws/regulations/restrictions designed to protect people from themselves (verses the laws that punish people for doing bad things to others - I like those laws)... Sad and stupid.... But on the other hand, isn't it clear that we, as a society and a government, have solved all the "real" problems facing America so that now we can work on protecting people from themselves (I'm kidding).... I have always had a great appreciation and respect for the concept of natural selection...

A Modest Scribler said...

Yes, Randy, Darwin told it like it is.

Ken said...

If they're illegals, no great loss. From experience, I know they have no common sense so the drop down crossing bars with bells and lights are a waste of money, they're going to try to cross no matter what. It's about time that the stupidity of the people cost them where the stupidity occurs rather than spread over all the land though. I'm sorry it's in your back yard.
The very high rent little town of Pleasanton, CA has made it fairly clear that they are not going to follow the code of the PC American. When Jerry Brown suggested they offer at least ten percent of their new housing at a greatly discounted price for our illegal and low income folks to live in. They just didn't comply. Now they have a commuter and freight trains that move through that town at a fairly high rate of speed and the fatalities and injuries have really dropped off. Can there be a correlation?? Hmmm??