Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Millie


After cancer surgery 9 years ago, I was admitted to the hospital for ten days. Each day of my stay I had two regular visitors; a priest who would approach my bed, take my hand, and ask if he could pray for me.

The second was an elderly lady, sporting a "volunteer" name tag, whose job was to fill my water pitcher in the morning, and refresh it in the afternoon.

I thought little about the elderly lady who brought me fresh water, except to admire her for her selfless volunteer work.

Just this past week I learned who my "water lady" was. Her name is Millie Ford and she's been volunteering at Banner Boswell Hospital for 23 years, logging more than 6,500 hours of dedicated volunteer service.

And I learned more. Millie Ford spent her career in hospitals, helping people to get well. She retired at 75, moved to Sun City, and cared for her husband until his death from Alzeimer's 23 years ago.

When Millie's husband died she tried to occupy her time with bridge games and with arts and crafts, but still felt a greater calling. So she began volunteering at our local hospital....and she's been doling out tender care ever since.

This past week Millie Ford turned 100 years old...and she hasn't lost a step...still caring for others who are sick.

Two thousands years ago another lady stood at the well...a lady from Samaria. She was blessed to draw a cup of water for Christ. Millie Ford is doing no less for the thirsty...and doing it well in her 100th year.

Happy Birthday, Millie.


Carol said...

What an amazing woman! And glad to hear you fully recovered!! :)

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for the all wishes, Carol, and, yes, she is an amazing lady.

Ken said...

The way things are it is so nice to here a story like that from time to time. Thank you for that.
I too, am grateful for you recovery. You column has been a gift.

A Modest Scribler said...

Aw, thanks so much, Ken.