Friday, May 20, 2016

Obama's Final "Apology Tour"


In his first months in office, Barack Hussein Obama flew over to Stockholm and accepted his Nobel Peace Prize (for what, we still don't know), then flew to Cairo and made that now famous "apology" speech before the Egyptian Parliament.

It was in that speech that Obama declared America "not special", praised the glory of Islam, then went home to draw up plans for "Mideast Spring", that turbulent, never ending chaos that is the Middle East today.

Each year of his administration Obama goes somewhere and apologizes to someone.  Last year it was Cuba and the Castro brothers.

So, in his final year in office, Obama is heading over to Japan on May 27th, where he will bow deeply to the Emperor, and apologize for our A-bombs...hell, probably for those bullets that we fired at Japanese Zero's over Pearl Harbor.

The Bernie followers and the Hillary followers are just gonna love Obama's cow-towing to the Japanese.  That's because, being totally ignorant of history, they can't possibly know that a million American men would have died had we been forced to invade Japan to end the war.  

So, really, Nagasaki and Hiroshima came down to "do we want a million Americans to die?"..or will we end it by having some of the aggressors bite the dust?

I really don't know whose worst; Obama and his Islamic buddies, John Kerry urging European businessmen to trade with Iran, or Killary Clinton taking $100 million dollars in pay-offs from Middle East sheiks.

While we're on the apology thing, I'd like to apologize to the American people for these idiots.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

You don't have to apologize. The Democratic Party and it's followers who voted in these Idiots have to apologize. I just don't get how this many people could be so Stupid. This is why we need Trump(as our only alternative) or any Republican in the Oval Office. At least he/she will remember history as it really was. He can apologize all he wants for himself. But America has NOTHING to apologize for. There are billions of free people on this earth, because of America's willingness to fight for those freedoms. No apologies necessary.

Wally Voss said...

I can not believe the damage that he has done to our once great country. If our reputation is ever repaired, it will be a long road and take the right people doing it (if there are any of those left). The normal people of our country are fed up with this system of government we now have, where the government now has the people answering to it instead of the other way around as it should be. Our government is too political in all three branches. Congress does nothing except keep trying to get reelected and making themselves and their staff millionaires by doing insider trading. The Supreme Court is not judges but 8 people who are split and have 4 left wingers and 4 right wingers. They no longer interpret the law. they apply their personal feeling about the subject to determine the outcome of a case and apply it to the other 330 million of us.And then there is the executive branch, run by Barry, whose only job before the government was as a community organizer (whatever the hell that is). He has taken laws that were wanted by the people, passed by Congress, and turned them on their heads. So many illegal things that our Congress should be stopping him from doing, but look back and see that they are only looking out for themselves, not the people who elected them. We still have 8 more months of this clown and he can still do a lot of damage in the 8 months, especially if the Democrats win back the Senate or House. He can then shoe in the next Supreme Court Justice before he leaves office, which would be a disaster.