Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Did The Organic Chicken Cross The Road?


Does this chicken sandwich look good?  I thought so.  It's prepared with organic chicken breast and fried in coconut oil, so it's seemingly healthier for you.

However, that chicken sandwich became a bit less tasty after I read of how much it will cost.  But, before we reveal the price of this sandwich, let's explore who will be preparing it.

It seems that a former Costco manager has teamed up with some of his rich pals and have begun operating a chain of organic chicken stores  called "Organic Coup".  They currently have two restaurants in the bay area of San Francisco and just garnered a whole passel of money to open more.  

And who are they hiring to prepare that chicken for you?  Well, it will be folks standing in a long job application line.  Organic Coup plans to pay their chicken fryers $16 an hour, provide medical and retirement benefits, and foot the costs of a college education for their workers.

That's great, huh?  Well...not so fast.  In truth, YOU..yes, the big YOU are going to be paying for all those job benefits, because that one chicken sandwich is being priced at $9.99!  With San Francisco's 10% sales tax that chicken sandwich is gonna set you back $11 bucks...and no, there's no fries with that, nor a drink to wash it down.

I confess, when I first saw this sandwich, I shuddered a bit for Chic Fil-A.  However, since Chic Fil-A sells their chicken sandwich for less than $4 bucks, I relaxed a bit.  I can imagine the only customers Organic Coup is going to draw in are Apple Geek employees and the "pink shirt" crowd who would pony up a whole U.S. Grant for a sandwich if it was the in-thing to do.

As for myself, I'm all for organic.  For example, I like holding on to that organic green paper in my organic leather wallet, so I guess I won't be buying any Organic Coup Chicken sandwiches any time soon.

But I wish them all the luck in the world!


Craig Bailey said...

On a gluten free bun?

Ken said...

Two restaurants does not a whole chain make. I also never understand what an organic chicken is and how it is different from my chickens.Now San Fran is a bleeding heart liberal town as everyone knows, right up to their wallets. That's where they're hypocritical by a long way. They shop at all the cheap non union joints like everyone else. That hedonistic RICH bastard will be broke soon enough and begging for his old job at Cost Co.

We don need heez stinkeen organic sheekeen! Tank Jew beddy mush!