Friday, May 13, 2016

Facebook Censorship


In light of the news reports that came out yesterday, I'm at least giving thought to giving up my Facebook. I would dearly miss keeping up with my FB family and friends, surely. And, yes, I would miss having an outlet for my writing. But, this morning, after reading all those former FB staffers revealing how they censored conservative viewpoints in their news feeds, and promoted the liberal ones, I have to feel a little bit of guilt for aiding and abetting a company that censors the news.

Sadly, America is awash in liberals demanding "safe space" from any social or political view that might challenge the facts, and put their liberal viewpoints in peril. We see it on college campuses, where students are demanding the removal of our more conservative founders, Presidents, and even artists who might tack toward a conservative viewpoint. We already see the mainstream media tilt their news coverage toward the liberal political philosophy. (When was the last time you saw the mainstream media report on Hillary's email scandal? Or reported on illegal crime? Or even presented an alternative viewpoint on urban Black crime?)

Facebook says they are not a media outlet...that they are just a site where folks can get together and share their lives. That assert that they are not a media outlet so have no responsibility to "report objectively". Pardon me, but that seems to be a grand cop out...when you surrender the "non-personal algorhythems" that determine what news feeds one should see, and voluntarily delete news feeds that promote a conservative viewpoint, you are censoring the news. As stated, we are already seeing enough of our media, on our college campuses, and, yes, even with our government masters who routinely suppress any truth that might make them look bad.

We Facebook users already have the tools to filter out what we consider ridiculous, what we don't want to read or we don't need FB to make that choice for us.

So, Facebook, for me these days, is like the favored girlfriend, that you caught picking her nose, or beating a dog, or being a bit less fastidious with her bathing habits. I'm starting to look around, beginning to flirt with other sites that remain objective, that allow me to make my own decisions about what I wish to read.

So, if some day, my friends don't see my name listed over there on the right, you'll understand why. I need no "safe spaces" in my life.

Sad. Damned Sad.


Ken said...

You don't seem to care to respond to me anymore either. Is it my partiality to Mr. Trump? Anyway, I'm still fiercely loyal to you and would really appreciate it if you find a replacement for the assholes at facebook could you please let me know?

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I'm using Google Plus more. Still not as familiar with "socially networking" on it, but I'm learning. Re your "Trumpism", nope...I have no animosity toward you Trump supporters (a bit disappointed, yes), but no animosity. Lots of my best friends are "Trumpers" this year. I just find it hard to believe how many are falling for the charlatan. It is inconceivable to me that so many believe that he would really do what he say he will. He's the "Elmer Gantry" of our times and I just couldn't believe how many people will buy the snake oil.

Have a good Sunday.

Ken said...

I'm hoping and praying he is what he promises. What I have read about him and by him make me feel better. I do thank you for remaining at least the tiniest bit open that maybe he'll come through. At least that's what it sounded like. Ok, maybe it's the Google thing because they have made it very difficult to leave a message here.

Ok, I remember spending some very grey November mornings with you after the last two elections. I just don't think the next one will be that. If it is I'm sorry but I just don't think so. You're the only person who brings me doubts about my candidate but I have confidence!

A Modest Scribler said...

Good luck with your choice, Ken. I wouldn't mind at all being proved wrong.