Monday, May 9, 2016

We White Privilege Folks Need To Pay Up


Professor Lawrence Brown, who teaches in the Public Health Department of Morgan State University in Baltimore, has a ready solution to achieve "racial equality".  He says the overwhelming life advantages that Whites have in this country is simply detestable.

To right this wrong, Professor Brown believes White folks ought to pony up some serious cash, and turn it over to the first Black you see.  He cites specifics:

1)  A White family, who might have been saving up for a trip to Disney World, ought to withdraw that cash and deposit into the account of the first Black person they meet.

2)  Access that Christmas fund...and, you guessed it, put it into the hands of a Black person...not ample payback for your granddaddy's slaveholding, but a tiny step in righting Whitey wrongs.

3) If you're in a Walmart, and you're planning on buying your child a gaming system, buy for your child and, yes, one for the first Black child that walks into the store.

4) If you've recently come into an inheritance, use any money or property received and donate that money to either the NAACP or to Reverend Al Sharpton's ministry....he will insure that money goes to the Black needy.

After reading Professor Brown's lecture, I'm feeling particularly guilty.  If I ever own a gaming system (I do not), I will consider Brown's suggestion.  And, if I ever have an automobile more valuable than the Cadillacs I see the Blacks driving, I'll give serious consideration to swapping cars with the poor fellow.  

I always thought paying all those taxes to subsidize the Black community was enough.  Since Blacks represent only 12% of the populace, yet command 43% of every welfare dollar, I thought they must be doing pretty good.  I must have been wrong.

Professor Brown has made me truly see the light.  I will never again complain that, when I was pursuing college scholarships, when I was paying my own tuition, I should not have complained about Blacks receiving preferential treatment for those scholarships.

Obviously, I haven't paid enough.  


Craig Bailey said...

I think this guy explains "White Privilege"pretty well. We have all paid way too

Brian Kalifornia said...

Ok, I'll bite. Because of my "white privilege" I'll give my "extra" ammo to them, one at a time and I'll warn you now they'll be coming in hot. Craig, Ben Shapiro is a racist. Sarcasm button off.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

According to this guy, excuses top hard work, huh? Got news for him. It will be a cold day in Hell before I part with one more penny to support the lazy Sons a Bitches. Here in Sonoma County, we have more job openings than we know what to do with. Unfortunately, all these people want Rocket Scientists pay on their 2nd grade education. Uh, Mac. Not happening. Go hit up all these Professional Sports Athletes for the money. They have plenty. Don't see them offering to help out. Maybe you should guilt them instead.

theRandyGuy said...

The reparations scheme has been around a long time. I graduated from law school in 2001. In 2000, one of my criminal law professors invited a guest speaker to address our class. His name was Charles Ogletree. Look him up - he is one of the most vocal proponents of the idea that white folks need to give cash money to the "survivors" of the slave trade. Bear in mind, this had NOTHING to do with crim law, it was simply an opportunity for our liberal law professor to foster his agenda. He was a former public defender that saw racial conspiracy behind every black criminal convicted of a crime. I listened to Ogletree lay out his rationale for why blacks deserve money, despite the fact none of them had been slaves, that affirmative action and quotas had enabled them to get education slots and jobs they otherwise were unqualified for, had those decisions been based upon merit or achievement. Remember, I wasn't some 24-year old that lived to please college professors. At that time, I was 41, had spent 10 years flying C-130's and C-141's, and was long past the stage of deferring to credentials. I asked Professor Ogletree one question: "If society, meaning white people, did as you requested and gave every black person in America $25,000, would you agree that racism remediation in all forms should end?" His response was both predictable and telling - "No. The stain of racism will never be eradicated form America." I was tempted to respond, but didn't - no point. Reparations is simply the latest unfulfilled money grab by those that make a living off the racism scheme (cue Sharpton, Jackson, et al).

A Modest Scribler said...

I confess; I never know what's going to wind you people's clock. Apparently none of you are willing to donate to the cause. Appreciate your comments.