Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Better Angels"


Nine year old Tayler Benedetto, and her seven year old brother, Caleb, don't have much time for children's games these days. Touched by a story about a police k-9 being stabbed to death by a criminal assailant, they've been busy raising funds to buy police k-9 protective vests.

Not an easy task. Those bullet proof, stab-proof k-9 vests cost a thousand bucks apiece. So, you might find Tayler and Caleb anywhere around the valley, a card table set up, "begging pleas" on their young faces, as they solicit donations from the public for their cause.
So far the two siblings have raised $2,000 dollars, enough to equip two police dogs with those life-saving vests. Their quest is not over....they pledge not to cease their efforts until every one of those police doggies are wearing protection.

They also stay busy writing "thank-you" letters, to every police department around the country who provide protective vests for their canine partners.

Rest easy, people....the "better angels" are hard at work.

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