Monday, May 16, 2016

"Earth To Burger Flippers"


Earth to those $15 per hour burger flipping wannabes:   Bernie cannot save you.  Neither can Barry.  Nor Hillary.  Burger King moved to Canada, Carl's Jr flipped the bird to California and moved their headquarters to Tennessee, and, on Wednesday, May 11th, Wendy's announced that they are installing 6,000 ordering kiosks and installing food handling equipment in their restaurants.

As has happened every time labor gets a bit "uppity", businesses find a way to cut jobs.  That's a fact of life.  Business owners cannot live on the promises of political hacks...they have to show a profit to stay in business.  So, despite whatever Bernie and Hillary promise, those burger flippers, trying to make a "living wage career" out of jobs that were meant as entry level jobs for teens, are in a world of shit.

Unless, and until our government masters demand business operate on a deficit (as they do), capitalism will always demand the efficient use of resources in order to survive.  So, we saw Burger King, tired of paying the highest corporate taxes (35%) in the free world, moved to Canada where taxes were lower.  And Carl's Jr, tired of California's ever increasing utility costs, state taxes, and oppressive regulations, flew south, to Tennessee, where the state government is more welcoming.

Investors Business Daily is now projecting millions of job losses in the fast food industry as the cost of surly, unskilled burger flipping socialists are demanding more and more.  Within a decade you are going to go through the drive-thru, or walk in to a fast food franchise, place your order in a machine, swipe your credit card, and the last of the fast food labor force will assemble it and send it out on a conveyer belt.  And the machine will not talk snark to you, or whine, or mumble foggily into a microphone.  All of the major franchises are scurrying to implement a system that doesn't involve a welfare mother with four kids..wanting a "living wage" for a job that should have either been reserved for high school kids and retired grannies and not for a culinary welfare office for those who didn't finish high school and couldn't spell "cat" if you spotted them the "c" and the "a".

But, to the dear burger flippers; don't sweat this...Hillary will continue Barry's quest to get everyone on food stamps, Section 8 housing, a welfare check, child tax credits for those four illegitimate kids you bred, government funded pre-school, and kindergarten, free school breakfasts and lunches....and you will even be able to swipe your food stamp card at one of those automated kiosks and enjoy a Big Mac with fries.



TheRandyGuy said...

"As has happened every time labor gets a bit "uppity", businesses find a way to cut jobs." Line of the month, and absolutely true. If you think about it, the whole reason the government seeks to up the minimum wage amounts to nothing more than a tacit acknowledgment that the economy ISN'T "recovered" - why else would part-time/entry labor jobs be looked at as long term employment? Robotization put many assembly workers out to pasture, while improving the quality of the finished product. Same thing with the ff industry - BS and HRC may sing the praises of organized labor, but there is no government on earth that can require jobs be maintained.

A Modest Scribler said...

Bernie and Killary are just charlatans, Randy...they know they aren't solving economic problems..they're just sucking for votes from the great unwashed.