Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Obama "Political Leadership Not Entertainment"


Last week Barack Hussein Obama stepped up to a podium, and without the aid of a teleprompter, said this about Trump's electoral style "Political Leadership is a serious's not entertainment".

Forgive me if I was a bit aghast.  Obama and/or Michelle pretty much spend a good deal of their time appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, or The Tonight Show, rubs shoulders with gang bangers, parties with the Hollywood liberal elite...and when Obama's not on some entertainment show, he's out playing golf.

And when Obama is busy on the golf course, Michelle is up there with the two Jimmys, pushing her flax seed cookie recipes, or dancing to the latest rap tune, or telling school kids why they shouldn't ever eat a hamburger.

Is there anything more hypocritical?  I mean, really, even liberals with their limited reasoning power can see through Obama's utterings from a "false prophet".

I've become accustomed to liberals holding their constituents to a higher standard than themselves, but, still, Obama was just laughable as he stood there criticizing someone else for what he does routinely.  Obama has spent his entire two terms either "campaigning" or schmoozing with celebrities.

Let's just say I was not "entertained" by Obama's "royal proclamation" that "political leadership" is serious business.



Frank Krzesowiak said...

People think Trump(if he is elected) will Preside over the Country as an Entertainer. I got news for them. He's a very smart man. He knows what he's getting into and it's NOT entertainment. He's a serious man. The Joker in Chief is a Clown. It will be nice to have someone who understands the world. They say Trump doesn't have the experience to be President. Wrong. He has WAY more experience than any Politician. He's been in the real world unlike those in Washington. Theirs is a fantasy world of money and power, screw the American people. His will be money and power with the people of America first.

theRandyGuy said...

Most thinking Americans tuned out BO a long time ago, about the same time he was whining about "still being relevant"....

Anonymous said...

IMHO, appearing on a few tv shows does not equate with the bombastic, freakish and self-grandizing sideshow that Trump performs at each of his rallies. It's like comparing apples to oranges.

As a minister, his goof of "Two-Corinthians" showed me he doesn't know what he's talking about and will say whatever nonsense he thinks the particular audience will react to.

Frank said, "His will be money and power with the people of America first." Frankly, whenever I hear or see him talk, all I hear from him is how great he thinks he is and everyone else is a loser. Do you really think he cares about the little person or are we all losers to him because we aren't attractive enough in his eyes, or maybe we're overweight, or maybe we are disabled? His attention to personal attributes as a classification of people is...I can't even come up with a word.

All I see is a person so full of himself that it nauseates me. He is not the leader that I want to vote for. His over-active ego negates any positive attributes he may have. I simply do not trust trust that he has my best interests, as a common person, in mind.

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, you have described Trump far more politely than I would have. I detest the guy and don't trust him either. I am also struck with waves of nausea every time I see Trump on TV. You ARE giving Obama too much slack. His ego is as big as Trump's...he just smooths it out a little more. Killary may be bringing up the rear but she too is totally unacceptable. Sigh.