Monday, May 23, 2016

Old King Coal


Seriously, how many of you know that, while Obama and Company are bankrupting American coal companies, that we are importing coal from China?  Yes, China!  Does that make any sense at all?  

And how many of the "greenies" know that, without the 67% of energy sourced from fossil fuels, they'd be freezing in winter, and burned to a crisp in summer?

And how many of America's "fossil fuel haters" understand that we are getting only 13% of our energy from solar...and that it is extremely expensive because it is largely subsidized by the American taxpayer?  

And even as Obama and Hillary pledge to bankrupt American coal the name of the environment, the rest of the world is polluting like never before.  Just yesterday, I heard a report on the BBC about the mighty Ganges River in India.  It is so polluted that "effluent" (read human excrement) floats to a depth of six feet in that once mighty river.  And has anyone taken the time to review an image of the air quality over Beijing lately?

And, just this past week, 60 Minutes did an interview with Obama.  They challenged him on his absolutely horrible trade and foreign policies.  His response?  "Well, I'm a great leader because I'm fighting Climate Change!"

Really?  Climate Change?  Again, go take a look at the Ganges River.  Have a go at trying to see Beijing through that nasty sludge that hangs over every Chinese city!

And yet India and China are cleaning our clock, economically!  China holds $3 billion dollars of our bonds....and threatens to cash them in should we ever stop buying their poison laced, prison labor produced products!

So Obama and Company, unable to do anything about China, or India, or anyone else for that matter, has decided to stick it to the American Coal worker, or the oil boys, or the natural gas producers....cause someone has to be the villain, right?

Look, everyone wants clean air and clean water.  But let's use some common sense.  Let's put incentives in place to develop "free market solar"...not subsidized by government, but allowed to thrive in a free market!  And, if we are serious about cleaning up the world, let's sign fair trade agreements that hold other nations to the same high standards that America aspires to!

Meantime, I want the "greenies" to put their money where their mouths are...stop using those fossil based energy sources or shut the f*ck up!


TartanMarine said...

Too true.

A Modest Scribler said...

Nice to hear from you, Bob. I miss your blog, but if your health (and rest) are better, I'll settle for that.

Carol said...

Such a world in which we live, huh? ugh..........

A Modest Scribler said...

Getting sadder every day, Carol.

Art Sanchez said...

Look forward to reading more of your thoughts...specific or general, political or not.

A Modest Scribler said...

Well thank you, Artie. As most of my regular readers would tell you, these days I write about half political stuff, with the rest either personal or social . Welcome to my blog.