Friday, April 29, 2016

Why This Election Won't Matter


Well, politics seems to be getting even more bizarre, if that's possible.  While I still abhor Donald Trump, will stay home if he's nominated, I thought the Kasich-Cruz alliance was a bad idea.  It smacks of desperation and only feeds the Trumpers even more.  And, as for Cruz's decision to pick his VP in advance, that might have helped him three or four months ago, but now looks like another desperation move.   And, I've got to believe that Cruz offered the VP slot to Rubio...and he turned it down, having decided to write this election cycle off as a disaster.

I could support Cruz if he were to get the party's nod.  I have seen that his actions match his words; he's stirred up the Republican establishment in the halls of the Senate and that's more than anyone else has done.   And I really believe Cruz could begin to move us at least back to center politics and stop all this socialist bullshit coming down the pike.

So, the ugliness continues, and I've pretty much stayed away from it.  Trump breaks my own personal record for "channel flipping" when his mug comes on the screen.  He's right there with Killary and Barack Hussein for folks I'd least like to see on the boob tube.  (I have been curious to know what you Trumpers think about his backpedalling on his "pseudo-conservatism".  He's now fine with penises in women's restrooms, now hints that those 500,000 abortions each year ain't so bad, and has no problem making big government the "chief decider" on your healthcare.  Yes, I've been curious but don't dare ask what my Trumper readers think about a fella who changes his position every five minutes and makes his loyal following look stupid.

And, yes, while I'll take a long, long leave of absence after The Donald gets the nod, you can be damned sure I'll be back someday to say "I told you so".  We've now got wack jobs on the right, and nuts on the left, and there are fewer and fewer of us who are semi-literate, politically educated, and who own a rational mind.

Be it Killary or Trump, I am now dead certain that it is going to take that 2nd Civil War I have written about.  There are just too damn many socialist wack jobs among the populace these days.  They've been raised to believe everyone gets a blue ribbon and everyone (except taxpayers) have a guaranteed spot on the government tit.  Just as you once had to slap your kid upside the head when he threw a tantrum in the supermarket, a wide swath of America is going to have to be slapped up beside the head to get em to wake up and smell the roses.

Sadly, it won't be just a slap on the head...we're gonna have to kill those socialist nut jobs off in great numbers.  That will come when the 2nd Civil War starts.

I won't be here, but some of you will be, and your children will be participants on one side or another.  That 2nd Civil War is inevitable for several reasons, the most prominent being we soon run out of cash and won't be able to support the tens of millions of tit-suckers that now root for the government gravy.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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Anonymous said...

It is a sad state of affairs our country is coming to. I pray for my children while teaching them what they need to know to survive.