Friday, February 5, 2016

Why We Need A Jed Clampett In The White House


I've spent an inordinate amount of time lately, trying to figure out why anyone would be in favor of Donald Trump's bluster.  I've come to the conclusion that "Main Street" is simply fed up with the Washington establishment, and are desperately clutching at any straw that comes along...anyone who might break the cycle of big government spending, corrupt politicians, and government elites that will do anything to stay in power.

Don't even ask me to explain how anyone unhappy with Washington would choose to settle for a Donald Trump.  Trump is as "establishment" as they come; he's done his share of bribing politicians to win business favors, he's employed Eminent Domain laws to steal valuable real estate, and he's used business bankruptcy numerous times to cover bad business decisions.

However, I certainly understand voter dissatisfaction....I just simply believe Trump is not the answer. So what is the answer?  Jed Clampett!  Yeah, you heard me right!

Coinciding with my political pondering over Trump's following, I've been reading a good bit of political history.  One of the political trends that left me slack jawed was my readings of just how many liberal elites emerged from the Roosevelt years who began to infest all agencies of the government.  And most of them were unelected!  Instead they were the perennial liberal bureaucrats who were trotted out yearly, to fill the chairs heading up government agencies, head up our foreign embassies, propose legislation, impose regulation, and just generally muck up an already unworkable federal government.

These "Roosevelt elites came from Ivy League schools, well educated in liberalism, devotees of "government as god", and dedicated to stomping out of all independent thought that didn't coincide with their own liberal gibberish.

So, as we are now in the second decade of a new century, there is a restlessness in America....well, at least the America that still works and doesn't rely on a government check for their livelihood.  And that restlessness, that national frustration has evolved into a desperate cry for someone different to come along and right the ship.  The Donald has promised all manner of things to do so, and has heretofore succeeded in selling his snake oil without once demonstrating how that might work!

So are the restless wrong?  Hell no!  Their suspicions are justified and there frustration is real!  The only thing wrong is they are counting on the wrong guy!  If the 53% of America who seek change want to affect real change, if they want to eject the political elites, they should be looking at Ted Cruz.  Ted Cruz is hated by both liberals and the Republican establishment.  He had irritated the hell out of those seeking the status quo.  Since he got elected he has dressed down both Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell....and labelled as cowards those "faux conservatives" who talk about change, even as they buddy up to their Democrat buddies on the other side of aisle.

Cruz is the Jed Clampett that America needs!  Someone who'll confuse the pool table for a "fancy eaten dining table and utter "umm doggies" as he trims the federal payroll, cuts the budget, nominates Supreme Court judges who'll honor the Constitution, repeal Obamacare, grow a bigger economic pie, force the welfare gamers back to work, face down ISIS, confront Putin at every turn, and basically just grab America by her collective shoulders and shake the shit out of her and force her to grow up!

Can Cruz-Clampett win election?  Probably not.  Cruz is not as "perty" as Marco Rubio, he doesn't talk as smoothly...but haven't we had enough of smooth talkers in the last seven years?  Sadly, as America always does, she'll go for the safe choice.  As frustrated as she is, she's just not bold enough these days to go for startling change.

Jed...we hardly knew ye!  (But it was nice that you care enough to try!)


Anonymous said...

The thought of Hillary as president has always made me cringe. Until Trump got serious I was always 100% convinced she would be our next president. You can say all you want but you know you loved seeing him tell Ramos to sit down and having him escorted out. In a time when the PC movement has become so utterly absurd I want to see much more of those antics. I believe Trump is the only one entertaining and controversial enough to beat Clinton. In no way and I suggesting that he is the perfect man or candidate, but I can't help liking his tough talk on immigration and about helping vets either. I might support Rubio if it wasn't for his stance on Immigration. If you think Trump is as corrupt as most politicians then how is anyone else better? When Cruz made the Trump joke at the last debate it was weird and embarrassing. I'm with you on his values but I just don't think he could beat Clinton. Trump or Rubio is my prediction. Your older blogs about Hillary were entertaining and informative and I'd sure like to read more of that instead of the constant Trump bashing.

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, you are absolutely right; I am hammering Trump, and will do so throughout this campaign. Meanness and rudeness does not make a great leader. And I still believe you Trump followers are caught up in your own anger at Washington, and allowing Trump to be your "mouthpiece" for this frustration. And, in my blogs critical of Trump, I have constantly challenged all of you to show me anything in Trump's background that would lead you to believe 1) that he's conservative and 2) that anything he has said is backed by some semblance in his past that would prove he believes his own bluster.

As for Hillary, well I too despise the ambitious bitch, and I'll be writing about her exploits in the months to come. That does not mean I'm giving a pass to the conservative pretenders to like The Donald.

Anonymous said...

Many people become more conservative as they age. Yes, Trump used to be a liberal,
but Hillary used to speak out against gay marriage and immigration. Does either really matter today? You speak as though Trump is a complete phony and if he gets in he'll impose liberal policies everywhere. Obviously Clinton is pretending to change her stance on those issues but I don't understand why you think Trump isn't at least being genuine about immigration and Muslims. At times he doesn't edit himself well and because of that I believe when he speaks about things it's much closer to his actual beliefs than what most politicians are spewing. I've been following and watching for a while now and I really believe he'll do something with the border. So what if he's rude to liberal reporters? Who cares if he's an ego-maniac? His ego isn't half of what Hillary's is. I want someone tough for once to help run our country. I'm disappointed with today's conservatives for having no backbone with immigration and I don't trust any of them. But, as always I respect your views and wisdom and will continue be a loyal reader. Have a good day.

Brian Kalifornia said...

I agree with Anonymous, I'll even add who cares if he curries favor for the construction industry and makes more money from being P{resident. They all become richer when they're in Washington. I just want someone to attempt to bring back America's economy, strength and respect (fear) of our country. Trump is not the perfect candidate but he's better than the others.

Although I do like Fiorini, she's smart, articulate and well versed on political issues. I like Cruz to but like Anonymous said I don't think he can beat "The Beast", plus he needs to bring it down a notch about religious issues, actually they all need to bring it down a notch on that issue.