Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Arrogance; Hillary's Achilles Heel


The Democratic party bosses will never tell you...but they had a sleepless night last night.  Were it not for winning six of six coin tosses in Iowa (and who really believes that), Hillary would have lost there.   After that dubious Iowa win, Clinton came to New Hampshire, where only six months ago she had a 26 point lead over Bernie Sanders.

So last night New Hampshire went out and voted....and a 74 year old avowed socialist drubbed Hillary Clinton...beat her like a drum.

So of course the party bosses are worried.  They ordered some late night breakfasts from Denny's, ordered up more carafes of coffee, and stewed about whether they're going to have to call out old crazy Joe Biden to run and save their ass.  (And up in New York, billionaire Michael Bloomberg is already shifting assets into hard cash in case he has to enter the race to save the liberals, spending a billion dollars to buy the White House.)

The problem of course is Hillary's honesty.  The exits polls out of New Hampshire clearly showed even her fellow Democrats don't trust her.  They don't believe her on her emails, they don't believe all those banking firms forced their millions on her, they don't believe she didn't cut deals with foreign governments in order to funnel money to Slick Willie's foundation...hell, they don't even believe her Benghazi lies!

The problem of course has always been the Clinton arrogance; whether it's Bill's Oval Office blow jobs, his many bimbo trysts, or Hiilary's $100,000 dollar return on a $1,000 on those cattle futures back in Little Rock.  Or Whitewater, or Travelgate, and, for those old enough, Hillary getting fired from falsifying evidence as a junior staff member during the Watergate investigation.

And Hillary can't seem to reform herself.  Her arrogance was such that she thought she could transmit and receive highly classified government information...and keep it on her personal server...that she was above the law that every other government official takes an oath to honor.  She thought she could lie herself out of her massive failure on Benghazi by blaming it on a video.  She thought she could take $110 million dollars in speaking fees from the big boys...then convince those traditionally idiotic Democratic voters that there was no connection between her ill gotten money and political influence.

So, last night the people of New Hampshire said the evidence is overwhelming....that they neither trust Hillary, nor do they want her as the leader of the free world.

Fret not; Hillary will get a reprieve when she gets down to South Carolina.  There are enough liberal plantation Blacks who will give her a victory down there.  Bill and Hillary have kissed enough Black ass to assure their vote.  And give her Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and probably Florida.

But the party bosses are really worried about New York and California; two socialist states who are getting increasingly horny for Bernie Sanders.  Those are huge delegates counts and Bernie just might win those two states as well as states like Wisconsin, Oregon and Washington State.

Those party bosses are all sitting around, wishing they still smoked, their brows furrowed with concern that Hillary's been offered the crown and the damn voters won't crown her!


Frank Krzesowiak said...

And to watch her and Slick Willy overjoyed last night after losing by 21 points amazes me. That's like Carolina coming out and partying after losing the Super Bowl. Those two are the absolute worst this Country has to offer. Watching her get her ass kicked was the most fun I've had in months(not really). The only way I see her getting out of the race is if she's indicted. And the Dems may be pushing on Obama now to make that happen. She's so obnoxious, they'll have to drag her out the door, kicking and screaming. She has no clue that she's toast.

Brian Kalifornia said...

Isn't it amazing how we as American's over look peoples criminal behavior and blatant lies and look at them as a credible candidate. What has this country come to. I know most Politicians lie but come on people enough is enough. It amazing me the low standards we as voters have. The Clinton's should not be running for any office let alone the President of the United States. If the Conservatives had a candidate like her I hope the only vote they would get is from their spouse and not one tax paying citizen. I know that wouldn't happen, there are a lot of STUPID low standard people walking among us.

Damn sad!

theRandyGuy said...

Hillary isn't suffering from a lack of trust (trust in pols is no longer necessary, and voters aren't that smart, especially partisan political ones that will vote for whatever the party nominates). No, Hillary is being punished for the entitlement mentality that she displays. Her campaign absolutely REEKS of it, the notion that "I was denied unfairly in '08, and IT'S MY TURN!!!!". Think about it: What does she stand for? What is her vision for America? Obama had one 8 years ago, Sanders tells us all flat out what he wants to do. What does Shrillary want for America? Nobody can tell you, but they can say there is something about her that instinctively rubs people the wrong way. Hard to specify, but it boils down to the notion that she is simply unlikeable. Bill was a weasel, but he was charming and was able to hide is immorality behind a grin, a saxophone, and a personality. Hillary? None of that. She can't run from it, can't disguise it, and America is hesitant to buy into her "Presidency" (For now. She'll probably be the next PotUS, but it won't be a smooth ride. She'll enter the WH more angry than ever)...