Monday, February 22, 2016

The Clinton Machine: Super Delegates


Citizenship is hard.  Informed voting is even harder.  As an example, I will bet you that the vast majority of voters do not know that the Democratic Party operates kind of like they did when political lords picked candidates in smoke filled rooms, far away from the voting booth.  This hi-jacking of the Democratic vote comes in the form of what the Dems call "Super Delegates"...and the Dems have lots of them!  These Super Delegates are chosen by Democratic Party leaders and are made up of party hacks and Democratic politicians who have a great deal of control over who gets the nomination.  And there are hundreds of these Democratic Delegates!

Just look at the chart below.  Bernie Sanders tied in the Iowa Caucus and won by over 20 points in New Hampshire.  Yet, as it stands today Hillary has almost all of the delegates!  Yep!  Those Super Delegates that serve as the firewall between who the voter wants and who the Democratic power lords want.


The Republican Party does not have Super Delegates.  They believe the needs of the people are best served when their votes REALLY count for something.

Isn't it ironic that the Democrats are always touting the "power of the people" when it is as far from the truth as it can be.  The party bosses have already shined up the crown for Hillary and they'll be damned if something like the people's vote will deter them from a coronation.

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Frank Krzesowiak said...

Why are they bothering? Why is Bernie bothering? Spending millions of other peoples money for what? It's like going to a horse race and betting on a horse you know can't win. Are Democrats REALLY that Stupid? Hey Bern. Your party is an embarrassment. You're disappointing a lot of people who have faith in you. Go back to Vermont and retire. They're using you like a whore....