Monday, February 15, 2016

The Death of A Champion


Sadly, we lost more than a Supreme Court justice on Saturday....we lost a champion of our personal liberties.  Antonin Scalia has been fighting for our Constitutional rights for more than fifty years, 30 or them while serving on the Supreme Court.    Most will not remember that it was Scalia who set our 2nd Amendment rights in stone.  Prior to Scalia's brilliant brief on that issue the court was moving to deem the right to own and bear arms as an antiquated notion no longer valid because we no longer formed "militias" in this country.  Scalia wrote the most succinct and powerful briefs on the 2nd Amendment so that the other jurists were forced to agree with him.

The importance of Scalia on the court...the constant that kept the court more or less divided on a 5-4 ratio in favor of conservative interpretations of the Constitution, is now gone.  One must keep in mind that, when the court disagrees equally on "4-4" votes, the prevailing ruling reverts back to the lower federal court rulings....a federal court rife with liberal judges Obama has been able to install during his long seven plus year tyrannical rein.

Just look at the issues now before the court if you want to see what Scalia's loss will mean.  With a left leaning Anthony Kennedy often serving as the swing vote for the liberals, we will almost surely have many of those "4-4" votes coming out this summer.  Expect the liberals to score wins on defeating voter ID laws, the wholesale killing of infants in the womb, the continuation of racial quotas for employment and education, Obamacare, and deadliest of all, the assurance that Obama's illegal amnesty Executive Actions will be affirmed by the courts.

We are at a critical juncture when it comes to the court.  One only needs to look at how our politicians reacted to Scalia's death.  Within minutes the Republicans avowed to stage a delaying action against confirming anyone Obama nominates to replace Scalia.  Democrats immediately began fund raising, using Scalia's death as "red meat" to ignite the salivary glands of liberals who worship "government as God".  The conservatives only hope is that we can delay another lifetime liberal appointment to the court in the next eleven months, then hope like hell that a Republican can get elected come November.

One thing is clear; if you are supportive of your personal liberties, you might better realize just how important the upcoming elections are if the Constitution as we know it is to be preserved.  A victory by a liberal, and the subsequent appointment of a liberal on the court will be the last nail in the coffin for those who oppose the increasing government tyranny over both states and personal rights.

God help us all.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

Obama had him killed. Now can run even more rampant over the Country. Pussy Republicans won't Impeach although it will save the Country. Taking 300 million from anti-terrorist programs can not be explained other than Obama being a Muslim and trying to weaken the Country. Let's go Congress. Kick that POS out of office. Thanks for all the good years you gave to your Country, Anthony.

theRandyGuy said...

Scalia's death is more important than most Americans know (or care about, to be honest). Since the advent of Obama, our government has had the combination of two branches operating very differently than ever before: An Executive that acts as he pleases until a court says "No", combined with a Legislative Branch that refuses to act, instead allowing an unelected legislature of 9 SC Justices to make the laws in America (a role both the court and the legislature are happy with - judges get to make laws and legislators get to say "It wasn't my fault - the court did it" thereby avoiding responsibility for bad decisions). This is NOT how the founders intended our government to operate. Scalia, you see, referenced the Constitution very early in each of his opinions. Scalia understood the concept of limited government, a notion the Obama devotees completely reject. Saclia's death is bad for a couple of reasons:
1) Obama and the Dims have the power and the momentum. The power, simply because Obama will throw up nominees like a Kagan or Sotomayor and demand a vote. If the Senate refuses to consider them, the Senate is "partisan" and "obstructionist". If they refuse to confirm (their sole prerogative and without question, their decision to make), the Senate is "playing politics with the court" (need mind that's EXACTLY what Obama did when offering up the likes of them for confirmation); The momentum because he's here for 11 more months and the Senate cannot refuse to act for almost a year;
2) Once the vote shifts to a liberal majority on the SC, there is little chance the leftist onslaught of legislation and EO's will be found illegal. With a Clinton presidency, coupled with a Dim-majority Senate, a liberal SC would be the last piece they need to complete the destruction of the Bill of Rights (anyone believing Republican House would be able to stop this is delusional - if assured of keeping their jobs, most R's would willingly go along with whatever garbage came out of the Senate or the WH). Clarence Thomas is the last lion of the right on the court, and his health is in decline. Should he pass away, and with the replacement of Ginsburg who is also sick, the SC would be a 6-3 liberal (possibly even 7-2) leftist slant. As I said, this is very bad for America.