Friday, February 26, 2016

"She'll Make You Pay"


Hillary Clinton is as close to the psychologically sick Richard Nixon that we have politics today.  Nixon, assured victory in the 1972 election over George McGovern, wasn't happy with just a win....he wanted a landslide.  So he and his henchman came up with the idea of breaking into Democratic National Headquarters, situated in the Watergate complex, in order to burgle intelligence about Democrat party aims.  The rest is history.

Hillary Clinton is Tricky Dick's political twin.  While liberals are perfectly willing to forget Whitewater, or Hillary's "bimbo" defense of Slick Willie, thinking Americans remember just how vengeful Hillary is.  One need only look at Travelgate to understand the extent of Hillary's wrath.  Immediately after Bill's assuming office, Hillary commanded the White House Travel Office to subcontract out all White House travel to some big travel office campaign donors back in Arkansas.  When the White House Travel Office declined to go along with her vice the entire staff was fired.

So, if Hillary wins the White House, there's a whole bunch of people ripe for Hillary "payback".  Those Bernie followers are going to be in big trouble.  Before the paint dries on Hillary's desk plaque she's gonna have a list of Bernie donors and every FBI agent involved in her email and foundation investigations, and she's gonna have an "enemies list" as long as Bill's bimbo list.

And, if the Tea Party and other conservative groups didn't like Obama's employment of the IRS to squash dissent, wait until Hillary gets her claws in.  She'll be auditing the returns of anyone who ever denigrated the Clinton machine.  

Hillary has already promised that she'll prosecute anyone who even dares utter the words "radical Islamic terrorism"...she says it's discriminatory, so she and her Iranian "hit woman", Huma Abedin will make Obama's Iranian, Valerie Jarrett look like Barney the purple dinosaur.  

There's a sickness inside Hillary Clinton...and an arrogance that believes she's above all moral and societal laws.  Her corrupt foundation and her personal email server are just symptoms...the real rot is buried deeper within.   That's one of the reasons why an avowed Socialist is giving her such a hard time....even liberals sense the dark soul within Hillary.

If Hillary wins you might want to raise the drawbridges and gator up the's gonna be a bumpy ride.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

Ok, Scribe. You've lambasted Trump one day, then his opponent on the next. Where you going from here? Seemed to have painted yourself into a corner.

A Modest Scribler said...

First, Frank, Trump doesn't have the nomination yet so don't count your chickens before they hatch. Secondly, if you are mystified by how I stand on conservative issues, you need to dig down and read back a couple of years on my blog.

Unlike the Trumpers, I don't paint myself into corners, betting all my money on one horse, which in this case is a nag.

(BTW, a few weeks ago I wrote on where I stand on each candidate)

Frank Krzesowiak said...

My "Chicken" has a much better chance than your "Chicken". I know what you wrote. Seems to me you're taking this a little personal. You seem to be satisfied with the "status quo". Come on, Scribe. Where's your sense of adventure? You see. I'm ready for something different even Trump different. You're satisfied with the same ol, same ol. In a couple years, when President Trump has turned the Country around, you're no longer looking at 90% Hispanics at Burger King and the Muslim threat is only a fond'll thank me.

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank, I don't take any of this blog's comments "personally", except in the sense that I abhor Trump and simply can't understand those who are willing to slog through and ignore his immoral, cruel, exploitive and megalomaniacal life. Dance with the devil if you will....I never will.

Frank Krzesowiak said...

Abhor away. It's that attitude that myself and a lot of people like myself look at and say "if they hate him that strongly, there must be something real good and right about this person". Every time a Mitch McConnell vows to derail Trump, strengthens my resolve. As a matter of fact, I'm going to do something I've never even thought of before. I'm going to offer my services to Trump to help his campaign. Keep trashing him Scribe. You're help in bringing more people into Trumps camps is the best thing happening.