Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Black-Listing The Oscars"


The Academy Awards will be presented tonight in Hollywood.  A regular viewer for decades, I no longer watch the show...because I no longer watch the movies they now honor.

When I was growing up the movies celebrated the triumph of the human spirit over life's adversities.  Or they allowed us to poke fun of ourselves with humor.  Today the movies are either grand explosions, car chases, or the practice of wallowing in one's own misery.  So I don't go....the last movie I viewed in a theater was Forrest Gump.

Blacks hate the Awards Show this year.  They are throwing their own party where they will be screaming in a grand pout as gloriously as the kid sitting in the supermarket aisle cause mommy won't buy him a candy bar.

I'm not surprised by the Black boycott.  We live in the age of "the whiner".  When one doesn't get your way these days you whine.  That's just the way it is.  Doesn't even to be a legitimate whine....just whine away cause it's the thing to do.

For instance, I just "wikied" the hell out of the winners of the Academy Awards for the last two decades.  And I found Blacks overwhelmingly winning far more awards than the 12% of the population that they represent.......literally hundreds of Oscar wins over the last 20 years.

Past success doesn't matter to Blacks.  They are no longer satisfied with 12% or even half of the awards...they want ALL the awards.  This year they didn't get them.  So they are "Blacklisting" the Academy Awards.  They've got Al Sharpton and Jessie all lined up to offer racist rants...and they've got Chris Rock to host the honkies...and remind them all of White Guilt.

And really, you can't blame Blacks for their pouts and their boycotts.  For nearly fifty years they've been given welfare checks and preferential quotas and have become the "racial divas" of our time.

Maybe Chris Rock can present the Oscar, then slap the shit out of the winners....the only thing to do for not kissing Black cinematic ass this year.

I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary showed up at the "Blacklist" party kiss a little Black ass for political gain.  Maybe Bill will appear and utter "I feel your pain".

I won't be watching any of it......I had the unfortunate experience of living in a time when you earned what you got....and were not given it for the color of your skin pigment count.



Frank Krzesowiak said...

You mean like the President of the United States? Taught us a great lesson. Community Organizers with little experience in anything, should not be given the highest job in the land because of the pigment of their skin. Sounds like Hollywood may be waking up. Maybe participation trophies were a bad idea. Idiots.

A Modest Scribler said...

Well stated, Frank.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy to see such a liberal group like Hollywood of all things being
accused of race bias. Their irrational hypocrisy has no boundaries anymore.

A Modest Scribler said...

I agree, Anon, but Blacks have become the all time champion whiners...there is nothing they won't do to secure an advantage.