Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pot Luck


You could stand on just about any corner in Sun City. Arizona, and you wouldn't be more than a stone's throw from a potluck supper. The community's many churches regularly hold Sunday evening pot luck suppers. They help to bring the congregations together, for fellowship, or just to sit down and rub elbows with other folks.
More sectarian groups, like the RV Club, or the Pottery Club, or the Apple Mac clubs also hold potlucks on a regular basis.
Sadly, a few months ago, the FDA's U.S, Public Health Service lords invaded a few of these potluck suppers. Armed with their food thermometers they set about finding miscreants whose potato salad was one degree above the 35 degree recommended temps. Or that the meat loaf was a degree or two lower than acceptable preparation directives. Although they didn't insist on inspecting Aunt Clara's home kitchen, they did grill her on how often she scrubbed her kitchen counters with a clorox solution.
Well, the feds food lords declared pot lucks totally unacceptable and a threat to the health of ....well, of someone. Issuing a "cease and desist" order against these pot lucks, the federal bureaucrats declared that, unless these churches and clubs began hiring certified food handlers the Sunday night pot luck suppers were over. Never mind that not a single case of anyone getting sick was discovered, the feds said "shut em down".
I am happy to report that the Arizona State House of Representatives this week passed House Bill 2341, which authorizes social groups to have as many pot lucks as they wish...and told the FDA and the U.S. Public Health Service to put their food thermometers up there where the sun don't shine. The bill passed unanimously.
The FDA was not happy. The U.S. Public Health Service was not happy. And, no doubt, Michelle Obama would not be happy. These senior citizens are dining on fried chicken, meat loaf, baked ham, cornbread, biscuits, mash potatoes and gravy, scalloped potatoes, potato salad, fudge cakes and marble cakes and home churned ice cream.
And the feds are dining on crow.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

It's past the time for the States to put the Federal Government in their place. Trying to take away the pleasures of 50, 60,, 70 and 80 years olds who have given so much to this Country is unfathomable. I'm sure OStudip will have a Lawsuit filed, but it will die when President Trump(sorry Scribe) gets into office. These stories are only strengthening the people supporting Trump's case. We don't need the Federal Government looking over our shoulder just to keep Bureaucrats busy. Way to go, Arizona. Freat to see you've elected Politicians with at least a little common sense.

A Modest Scribler said...

Well, Frank, don't agree on Trump (I would almost like to see him get elected so you can see how fucked up he is) but I'm all for local control and states rights. Have a great day.