Monday, February 29, 2016

"Don And The Fat Man"


Well, Friday morning Chris Christie wallowed out on the stage and endorsed Donald Trump for President.  Ain't that great?  Let's see; Chris Christie is the epitome of the "one eye-man in the land of the blind is king" syndrome.  Just look at Christie's New Jersey.  New Jersey still has the highest property taxes in the nation, one of the highest state income tax rates and his Newark is a human cesspool that he's never been able to clean up.

Christie came along and, as Governor of New Jersey, and spent less than his liberal predecessor and all of a sudden the guy's a conservative!  Christie is the guy who hugged and nearly kissed Barack Obama!  Christie has so little self discipline and is so weak of mind that the dude ate his way to 400 pounds...then had lap band surgery and is down to a svelte 350 pounds two years later!

And don't you love how Christie helped his New York buddy Trump by taking down Mark Rubio in the eighth debate.  Never mind that he shouldn't have even been on debate stage (he had a voter following as tiny as Donald Trump's brain.)

Now, Christie, soon to be out of a job, is sucking up to Trump big time, in hopes that the Donald will select him as his VP candidate.  If Christie doesn't get VP maybe The Donald will make him foreman on building the wall.  

Whew!  That's all we need for the next four years; two blustering blow hards with pea size brains.  God help us all.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know, he would choose Kasich anyway to get Ohio. Didn't care much for Cruz pulling the race card this weekend over the David Duke thing. Like or hate Trump is irrelevant. Maybe Cruz is trying to steal some of Hillary's voters already.