Friday, February 12, 2016

The Most Honest Man In The 2016 Election Campaign


I don't agree a single one of his policy proposals.  In fact, if even one of them was implemented I can see a culmination of our economic collapse.  And yet, he is the only candidate that admits openly what he would try to do if elected.  He is specific, crunches the numbers, and provides them for anyone to review.

It's that Bernie Sanders dude!  The 74 year old avowed Socialist who insists he will provide free college for every American, free healthcare for every American, allow citizenship for the 30 million illegal Mexican invaders, and will double down on Social Security and Medicare...both programs already on the critical list.

And, if you go to his web site, and if you review the numbers, he even tells you how he's going to pay for it.......big, big tax increases...even for those making $40 or $50 thousand dollars per year!  And, if you're in that $50k tax bracket the only thing that could possibly make you feel better is looking at that 95% tax rate he wants to squeeze out of anyone who makes a million or more!

Bernie will ignore ISIS, cut our military even more, close the big banks (too big to fail) and preside over a mass exodus of the rich from America to more tax friendly countries.  We will then be like Venezuela...lining up for flour, sugar and toilet paper!

But hey, old Bernie is unlike any other candidate (with the possible exception of Dr. Ben Carson, who I wrote off after the first debate...he just doesn't have the dynamism nor articulation to express his own goals.)  I've seen and heard the bluster from all the other candidates...they are all bending with the political winds. (And I'm sorry you "Trumpers".. The Donald is the worst of him, grabbing on to every problem that concerns us, spouts out the most outrageous generalizations "I'll make America great again" but never is specific about how he would do that.   The Donald says he'll solve North Korea by commanding China to "take him out".  He says he'll make China play fair on trade by threatening boycotts and tariffs.  The problem with that of course is that China holds over $2 trillion dollars of our bonds and they would simply cash them in and cause a massive economic collapse. one is as honest as Bernie Sanders.  Certainly not Hillary Clinton.  And certainly not her party.  (How many know that the Democratic Party has 750 "super delegates", votes already reserved and having nothing to do with citizen vote counts) to support Hillary just in case her coronation gets in trouble.  That's about as dishonest as you can get!  Wait until those millions of college students find out their party has rigged the vote!

I don't support Bernie Sanders.  But the other candidates would do well to take a cue from him:  stop pontificating, knock off all the bullshit, and tell us exactly what you'd do...not what you think we want to hear..but what you would/could really do.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

This "Super Delegate" nonsense is probably the most idiotic thing I've heard Politically even topping Pukelosi's "We have to pass it to see what's in it". Can someone explain to me why anyone in their right mind would think super delegate is a good idea. Why are they even bothering to have Caucus's if the outcome is predetermined? People are giving Bernie they're hard earned money for what? Millions of dollars wasted. That's about the only thing that would cause me to become a Democrat if the Republicans did similar.It's plain STUPID!!!

A Modest Scribler said...

I agree, Frank. More people should read up on this...just to see how the Dems have their crown bearer at least partially picked before a single vote.