Monday, February 1, 2016

Thoughts On The 2016 Election


Here we are in late January and the electoral process is proving to be the wildest we've seen in recent history.  I confess I have no idea how this is all going to turn out.  On the Republican front I'm frankly scared to death that The Donald might win the Republican nomination.  From the Democrats we have confessed Socialist Bernie Sanders hot on Hillary's heels.  

It would seem Bernie's making headway for two reasons; 1) promising voters a virtual "free lunch"..a grab bag of benefits heretofore never seen in American politics and 2) Hillary is not trusted even within the Democratic ranks.  Just this week there were more than a score of news reports that Hillary's indictment over the email scandals is imminent.  I find it hard to believe that the Obama Administration will actual indict Hillary but her current scandal has certainly further stained her already dusky reputation.   Perhaps the greatest indication that Hillary is in big trouble was NYC Socialist and former Mayor Blumenthal instructing his staff to gear up for a billion dollar Independent Party campaign for President.  

Of course, assuming Hillary stays out of jail, and assuming Blumenthal decides to run third party, we might see Hillary and Mike canceling each other out, thus enhancing the prospects of a Republican victory.   I would suspect the Democrats, before allowing that to happen, would trot out Crazy Joe Biden to be nominated as a "favorite son" at the Democratic National Convention in a last ditch effort to save the party.

But before any of my fellow conservatives get to feeling too warm and fuzzy about Hillary's downfall we ought to consider the possibility that The Donald simply implodes before November, should he (God help us) win the Republican nomination.  Let's say The Donald doesn't actually go out and shoot someone (as he says he could..and still win support from his followers), I still can't see voting for Donald Trump under any circumstances...mainly because I know he's not a conservative.  And, in those rare instances where he actually defines what he'd do, I don't agree with him...on a single payer health care, or his stance on Planned Parenthood, or even on the small admissions he's made about foreign policy.

Now that you know my feelings about The Donald, here's what I think about the other candidates (I'm not even going to waste time on anyone below 5% in the polls).

Kasich; he loses my vote on illegal immigration.

Christie: He's not conservative enough for me (looking more conservative than the citizens of your state does not make you a conservative.  However, I would hold my nose and vote for him.

Rubio:  Rubio is a "Chatty Kathy" doll.  He's THE conservative clone of Barack Obama; talks pretty but not much substance there.  Will never forgive him for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.  It should be noted however that Rubio probably has the best chance to win among Independents which is the Republican's only chance to win the election.  And, if elected, I can't see the Republicans in the House and Senate allowing him to do much harm.  And, who knows?  Maybe he'll develop a back bone and turn out okay.

Cruz:  He's my guy.  I admire his courage in facing up to the good old boys in Washington.  He represents my principles best, and, God knows we desperately need a fighter in the White House.  Cruz' principle drawback is that "he looks funny"...he looks like they used a vise to draw him out of the womb and something went bad.  And he's gonna be hounded by that "he's not a citizen" crap that McCain had to put up with.  Still, though not likely to get the nomination, he's my first choice.

Trump:  I get nearly as sick seeing his mug on TV as I do seeing Obama's.  I am more frightened by the large swath of total idiots who are buying Trump's "snake oil" than I am by The Donald running. If Trump wins the nomination you can sit back and wait for the Democratic coronation; Trump will never get my vote, nor that of many conservatives.   And he won't get most of the Independent vote either.  I can buy into the "anyone but a Democrat" theory seven days a week...but not to support a charlatan like Trump.

Well, that's my take on the election.  I welcome I always do.


Frank K said...

You're ok with the same ol same ol, ey Scribe? Sorry. But that's not going to cut it anymore. We do need someone who is part Republican, part Democrat. We need someone who holds allegiance to no one. I voted for Ross Perot for that reason, and would Trump for the very same reason. GET THINGS DONE. No excuses. Obama had a million of them. Immigration is the single most important issue. Take care of Immigration and you take care of the Terrorist threat, you take care of the budgetary concerns. Two for one. Not Conservative enough? Too bad. Bush didn't do a very good job when he had the chance. Time for a Businessman in the Whitehouse. We've had too many Lawyers. Lawyers are by nature Crooked(see Hillary). I'll take my chances with Trump. Thank you. Since he's an Outsider, there's a little thing called "Impeachment" that would go down quite easily with no REAL party affiliation. That's a BIG plus. Democrats let Clinton off the hook, Republicans let Nixon off the hook, no one will let Trump off the hook. Cruz for VP!

TheRandyGuy said...

My crystal ball is no clearer than yours. I do believe, however, in certain truths. Namely these: 1) America is turning hard left, thanks in large part to the actions of the Obama cabal - more "free stuff" for everybody, a refrain echoed by both Sanders and Clinton; 2) Voter participation is down simply because the difference in the candidates is largely an illusion, and the people see the ultimate futility in "supporting" one over the other since the party machines run the whole process; 3) The divide in the country is strong and will grow regardless of whomever is elected. Trump is no uniter, neither is either Dim, but nobody bothers with that message much anymore - the country is splitting along a line that will defy unification, and the candidates understand that (hence the preaching to the choir both sides are engaged in); 4) The real issues facing the nation (terrorism, the debt, America's standing in the world) are largely ignored, in favor of minuscule diversions (income inequality, race relations, etc) that play GREAT on the evening news.... ("Nero fiddled while Rome burned" applies). I don't believe anybody but Hillary will be allowed to win in November, and the idea that she will be indicted by Obama's puppet Lynch is laughable. When you have a President that picks and chooses which laws to enforce, this is what you get. Which is why the people have no confidence in our government. Just my humble opinion...

Brian Kalifornia said...

I agree with Frank. Trump is not backed by either party which is good. Hopefully he tones it down just a "smidgen" so we can stomach his bs. I'll take him two days to Sunday anytime any day over the two turds and biden. God help us, we're so screwed.

Waiting for the first shot!

Frank K said...

Oh, and do you hear all that squealing going on in Washington? That's the sound of our illustrious Members of Congress having their meal ticket threatened by an Outsider. You don't think these guys get rich by making $177,000 a year,do you? They're a bunch of Whores, willing to do anything for the right price, even at the detriment of America and it's people. Not all, but MOST. They'll fight tooth and nail to keep Trump out. And if your an Idiot enough to believe the anti Trump Rhetoric, then you deserve what happens with President Hillary. She will win if Trump does not get the nomination. He will tear her apart in a head to head. Unafraid to tell the Country all her dark evil secrets. The rest of them? Not a chance. Let Obama go twice, will let Hillary go. Not Trump. He's our only hope.

A Modest Scribler said...

Well, Brian, Frank, I guess I'm an idiot cause I'm not buying Trump's snake oil. If fact, I'll be bold! I'm extremely disappointed that you folks are buying it. Proof positive that we're all in big trouble! (Oh, by the way, I have an apartment to sell you in the Everglades!

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, I'm not looking at perfection...or even an immediate turnaround. I'm just looking to see our course steer a bit right. You may be right that it is too late but, if so, I would hope we don't get a Dimcorat to hasten the fall.

Frank K said...

Cool. I'll trade you for half ownership in the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ken said...

I'll take ownership of the Florida apartment. Golf with President
Trump is far greater than golf with any of the other folks on either stage, thank you. I remember our conversations many years back coming up to the first negro president. I'll email my list to you of why I like Trump over all of them if you would be interested. I agree he has a past, but he is a good businessman and a good businessman needs to change with the time, which I think he does rather handily. I have been interested in him as a builder during much of his last forty years and he has not only been interesting he has been successful. I hate what obama has done to this country he and his wife hate with every fiber of there black beings. I may be racist some but I pale with respect to the Obama tribe. Saying good bye to them will be a great pleasure and if by chance Hillary wins, well, I don't know what we will do but survive. I'm so tired of just surviving these stupid elections I wish a man with a spine would win one for us for a change. We have been waiting far too long. We deserve a good thinking man with God in his corner! I'll pray some more!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, you just make me sad. Please write and show me clearly you have actually vetted this snake oil salesman. I have.