Monday, October 31, 2011

Obama's "Leading From Behind" Controversy

Last week the White House was in a frenetic tizzy over a report published in the New Yorker regarding his leadership style.  Considering the dearth of any Main Stream Media who dare to criticize the anointed one, the liberal New Yorker story was quite remarkable.

The news article that stirred the war of words between the New Yorker and the White House was in referenced to a White House advisor leak which characterized Obama's foreign policy strategy in dealing with the Libyan uprising was to "lead from behind".  Apparently Obama wanted the U.S. to take a back seat to Nato and allow French and British forces to take the lead in providing military assistance to the Libyan rebels.

I found this little liberal tiff a bit amusing.  Most of us already know that this Community Organizer "led from behind" since January 20th, 2009.  After all, it was Reid and Pelosi who packed all of that liberal pork into the $870 billion dollar stimulus bill that created no jobs.  Once Harry and Nasty had all the earmarks loaded into the bill they marched up to the White House and told Obama "sign here".  Same thing with the Obamacare bill.  Likewise with the debt ceiling talks.

In my fifty years of following politics I have never seen a President so lacking in leadership skills.  How can that be surprising about a man who has been coddled his entire life, whether by his white grandparents or the overly generous minority scholarships that provided for his "Community Organizer" training.

The only thing Obama has ever achieved is being deft at campaigning from behind a teleprompter.  Having failed as a leader he has decided to enter campaign mode early in a last desperate bid to win another four years of "leading from behind".

Sad,  Damned Sad.

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