Wednesday, October 12, 2011

California Dems Now Protect Unlicensed, Uninsured Drivers

There's not a week that goes by that I don't see something weird coming out of Sacramento.  The law they passed last month that forces parents to pay benefits to babysitters, California's encouragement for further invasion by giving tuition discounts to illegals,  coddling hotel maids by forcing hotel chains to spend millions in new sheet pressing equipment because the hotel workers union says maids are getting back aches making beds with flat sheets, stomping on the constitution this week by banning open carry laws for guns, thus taking guns out the hands of law-abiding folks and insuring that only the outlaws have the guns.

Now I see that last Saturday Governor Moonbeam passed a law that bans city and state law enforcement officers from impounding the car of illegals who are caught at traffic stops and who are caught driving without a driver's license or insurance.  They also force LE to wait around until the illegal driver can find someone to come and drive his car home to keep it from being impounded.  The law further mandates that the impounded car must be returned to this illegal uninsured and unlicensed driver so that he can promptly hit the road again, sans insurance or license!  This, despite the National Transportation board's statistics that cite illegal drivers cause accidents at twice the national average of licensed and insured drivers.
Brown cited the new law because illegals were being discriminated against with these DUI checkpoints and questionable traffic stops, just because the guy was speeding and weaving all over the road.
I'm frankly puzzled by the logic behind this new law...if the illegal driver is here illegally, is driving without a driver's license or insurance, how in hell does he have a right to have his car returned?

I recognized that legal American taxpaying citizens are quickly becoming a minority in California but if you folks plan to stay I would think you need to be marching on Sacramento to stop this madness.  Failing that, will the last taxpayer leaving California please turn out the light?

Viva Mexifornia!

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