Monday, October 10, 2011

"Separate But Unequal; Tuition Discounts for Illegal Aliens"

All students of history, and anyone over fifty should remember the Brown vs Board of Education decision which deemed that 'separate but equal' was not a good solution for ending the segregation of black and white school children.  The Supreme Court was right; we should not discriminate against any ethnic group and all American children should have the same opportunities and the same choice of schools.

Advance the calendar 57 years since that historic Supreme Court decision was issued.  My question to the "Supremes" is this:  Why must American kids be discriminated against in favor of illegal aliens?  In 2011 America thirteen states have now granted tuition discounts to illegal aliens while continuing to charge higher "out of state" tuition rates for our American kids.  The brouha that erupted about Governor Perry's defense of the Texas Dream Act signifies that this discrimination has been going on without the knowledge of most citizens.  After having this issue raised at a recent Republican Presidential candidate debate America is up in arms over this, perhaps telling us more about the ignorance of our citizenry as well.

California has taken this discrimination to new heights.  Illegal students in California can now attend college at tuition rates far lower than legal California citizens.  This is achieved by way of illegals failing to report their income, thus qualifying as low income tuition candidates.  The latest U.S. Census figures reported that over two million illegals in California are not reporting a cent of income.

So, where is the Supreme Court when America once again needs you to equalize educational opportunities for Americans? 


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