Sunday, October 9, 2011

"English Riots; America, Get Ready!"

 Re-Post from early August:                                                                                              

 The foreign news for the last few days have been focused on London ablaze and riots in the streets.  Reportedly, the problem is that Britain's recent 20 percent cutbacks on government spending has resulted in less student loan assistance and cutbacks in welfare support.

The violence in Great Britain is notable.  Keep in mind that the Brits are known for being fairly docile; so much so that the British police (Bobbies) felt no need to carry firearms. 

Americans, take note.  As Washington is forced to take away the nipple from tens of millions of life time welfare recipients, be prepared for an even more violent response.  These people never met a welfare program they didn't love and, for millions of them, they have never known what it is like to go out and work for a paycheck, and under Obama's economy, there are no jobs to be had anyway.  Unlike the Brits, who have much more restrictive gun laws, the self styled "American Victim Class" is going to be mad as hell, so look for more violent uprisings, guns drawn and ready to riot and rob to make up for the loss of the government largess.

The last New York Times study reported that America spent in excess of $100 trillion dollars on Great Society Programs since 1965.  These programs provided a "free-ride" for three generations of the "victim class".  As the rest of the world, and credit rating agencies, forces the U.S. government into some forced austerity the feds must cut where the money is being spent and that is in the huge government give aways currently in place.  These programs generated a huge dependency class that "will not go quietly into that good night."

So, keep an eye on Britain. And Italy, And Greece.  But know this:  the American storm has been a long time coming, fed by the national breeding of a dependent class far larger than those in Europe... and the devastation will be astounding when it reaches American shores.

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Let them riot I will shoot the first one that comes near my home that is a promise.