Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"A Sad America"


Kirk Cameron had a birthday last week.  You may remember Kirk as the oldest son on the hit 80's show, "Growing Pains".  You may or not know that Kirk Cameron, sickened by the moral depravity of Hollywood, became a Christian.  He hosts a religious show on one of the religious networks. 

Apparently, this teen heart throb lost a lot of fans when it became known that he had adopted a Christian lifestyle.  After all, how can a teenage girl, just bursting with hormonal urges, have nocturnal fantasies with one who is Christian?  Does that sound too harsh?

Well get this; Kirk attended a rather modest birthday bash at a ministry center this past week.  A photo of him standing at a table, blowing out a birthday cake apparently went viral on the Internet and America lamented that poor Kirk was not afforded the opportunity to get liquored and doped up at one of Hollywood's more prominent star hangouts.  Instead, America's "excess-loving" populace deemed Kirk's modest party of 20, who dined on subway sandwiches, cake and soft drinks, a sad, sad affair.

I think this speaks more about a sad America than it does about Kirk's lifestyle and religious choices.  In an age where the liberal elite consider Christians as wild wackos why am I not surprised that a religious young man would be branded as a "loser" simply for aspiring to a life with Christ and pursuing a normal lifestyle?

I thought that, in these days of severe economic depression, at least a significant number of people would have chosen to fore go the "life in excess" route.  Apparently, fewer people have learned their lessons than I anticipated.  While mobs are camping out in New York and other major cities, protesting and decrying the wealth of the rich, it was reported today that many in the crowd drifted over to the Apple Store to line up for the new I-Phone. 

God Help Us All...even those who denigrate those who believe in you.  As for you, Kirk, Happy Birthday.

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