Sunday, October 30, 2011

"How To Survive The Coming Financial Collapse"

First, I want to say that I am not, nor have I ever been, one of those wacky "survivalists" who are carving out caves in Idaho, stockpiling weapons and C-rations, in anticipation of the Armageddon.  Having said that, I am very concerned about our country's future and how both national and world events will impact our everyday lives in the very near future. 

I truly believe that the current "recession" is much more than that; I believe our present state of the nation is caused by a confluence of events occurring over the past three decades.  During this period we have seen the collapse of our manufacturing base, and the accompanying collapse of the middle class who were able to earn a living wage, fund our social safety net requirements, and contribute to our nation's growth.

Secondly, we have seen the total failure of K-12 education as parents struggled to earn a living and disengaged from parent-teacher participation in school performance.  Compounding the problem has been massive federal intervention in school management as well as the ballooning of costly and cumbersome school administration bureaucracies at all levels of government.  However, the most damaging impact on our school system has been the liberal court mandates that orders us to build more schools, hire more teachers and administrators and buy educational equipment to educate tens of millions of illegal children over the past three decades.  Consequently, student learning has declined, graduation rates have plunged and America finds itself on the losing end of Asian countries who are realizing rapid gains in math and science advantages.

Third, America continues to act as if we are the policeman to the world, spending trillions of borrowed dollars to fund our foreign wars.  Even more insane, we continue to attempt to fund a massive social welfare system without the funds to do so.

Finally, while we cope with our own massive domestic problems the world is rapidly changing.  The two most populous nations in the world, China and India, are rapidly industrializing, gaining wealth, developing a rapidly expanding middle class and placing explosive demand on the world's resources.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that oil, precious metals and food prices will experience explosive price increases. 

So where does all this leave us? 

It puts we Americans in a pretty precarious position.  With a decline in a "system-supporting" middle class, a lack of discipline in asserting reasonable government budget management, a declining educational knowledge base we are faced with falling rapidly in the rank of nations.

As this national decline develops how does the "average joe" in America hope to survive?

Well first, you pull your head out of your ass, stop spending much of your time posting inanities on Facebook, give up a little of your "Glee" and "American Idol" watching and learn what the hell is going on in your country and in the world.

Let's figure this out:  First, as our debt to foreign nations increase, the value of the dollar will decline.  So hold on to your gold and silver jewelry, if that's all you can do.  If you, after the government takes half of your income in taxes, still have money to invest, invest in gold stocks, oil companies and agricultural stocks; these companies will thrive as the demand for precious commodities skyrocket. 

Next, go down to your Home Depot and buy vegetable seeds; you're going to need to plant a garden and grow your own vegetables.  And finally (and tragically) yeah, you're going to have to buy a gun.  As the social safety net collapses and three generations of welfare folks no longer have access to the government tit, you can expect a soaring crime wave.  Having never learned to provide for themselves, or ponder the future, they'll be coming after what you have.

Finally, to stave off  the "bad times"as long as possible, get involved as a citizen and try to vote for politicians that are truly aware and committed to solving our problems. 

Yeah, I'm sure a good percentage of you think my "doomsday scenario" will never come true.  To those I will only say "may God prove me wrong and you right".  I'm not betting on it and neither should you.

Gotta go now...gotta get back to my planting primer on how to grow tomatoes and cucumbers...


Anonymous said...

Since it is hard to grow in our area (soil is so bad in the valley at the base of the mountains), we have begun building an indoor grow room in our home! Thanks for your sensible blog.

grenadavet said...

First, to anon, look up "bio-intensive agriculture" this will give you good advice on how to overcome poor soil conditions. Just, I agree with you absolutly, which is why I have become one of those "wacky survivalists". Being thoroughly prepared is never wacky. Some good reading for you, "Warday" by Whitley Streiber and James Kunetka.

JustCommonSense said...

Thanks for visiting, anon. Grenadavet, thanks for the recommendation. BTW, my "farming" is hit or miss. Sometimes I end up with a great crop of veggies and sometimes I don't. I'll keep trying.

Anonymous said...

Buy a gun? Hahaha. Who you gonna use it on? Those welfare folk are congress and obamas children. The welfare folk make them powerful. The second you try defending what's yours in this state, be prepared for ACLU and democrats to be the first to try and throw you in jail.

You want to protect your stuff without having to worry about the system working against you, which it will (look at that rancher on the border who tried to protect his land, he was shot dead and the pos government hasn't done shit to secure the border and deter illegals from coming here) you need to move to Texas where they have the castle doctrine.

grenadavet said...

First, anon, it is my hope that I won't have to use it against humans. I have had enough of that. Second,the scenario in which I may have to use is one of apocalyptical lawlessness. Third, I know of other places than Texas right now where I don't have to worry about illegal immigrants or other miscreants and where government interference is minimal, one being Alaska and one being the U.P. of Michigan.