Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Can't African-Americans Get Better Spokesmen Than Sharpton,Jackson&Waters?

BREAKING NEWS:  The logo just flashed across the bottom of the CNN screen:  The Reverend Al Sharpton has just declared his disgust with Governor Rick Perry's family lease on a hunting property that was previously named "Niggerhead" and was inscribed on a large rock at the entrance to the property.  Never mind that Perry's family, upon assumption of the lease, painted over the offensive title. I'm no fan of Rick Perry but I'm sure no fan of Al Sharpton either.  Sharpton is offended beyond measure!

Well, let me tell you I'm offended over Sharpton cheating American taxpayers to the tune of $1.7 million dollars and continues to be in arrears in paying that money back after being caught!  Because he has not paid his share of taxes I must pay higher taxes to finance the welfare cheats that follow him.

I'm even more offended by Congressman Charlie Rangel, head of the House Banking Committee, who committed tax fraud to the tune of $5 million dollars and received a slap on the hand by then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

I'm offended by Jessie Jackson's reference to New York City as "Heimie Town" and disrespecting millions of Jewish Americans.

And how about Congressman Maxine Waters, whose constituency is South Central L.A., and who recently told the Tea Party to go straight to hell, and who lobbied the Secretary of The Treasury to grant taxpayer bailout money to her husband's bank.

I believe it would behoove African Americans to choose spokespeople who are a bit more honest and who display just a touch of law abiding citizenry.

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