Monday, October 3, 2011

Obama Says We're "Soft"

President Obama, in a MSNBC interview on Friday, said America is "Soft".  Please keep in mind that this uttering comes from a man who literally has never held a job in his life, who has been given hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money in the form of Pell grants, Minority Scholarships for his Harvard education, , whose community organizer funding came from the taxpayer, and who has never served an hour in the Armed Forces.

Americans Soft?

Millions of Americans have served in our Armed Forces.  Tens of Thousands have given their lives.  Current military members are forced to serve four or five combat tours in a four-year term of military service....Soft?

Millions of Americans are now living in homeless shelters, on the streets and out of their cars.  They eat in soup kitchens.  Soft?

Forty-five million Americans, having lost their jobs, their cars and their homes are now living below the poverty level.  They do their "grocery shopping" at food banks.  Soft?

Thirty million Americans are unemployed or underemployed and send out resumes and job applications by the dozens and still can't get work.  Soft?

Millions of Seniors live on a $700 dollar Social Security check and haven't had a cost of living raise for three years, are paying a higher Medicare premium because Obama took $500 billion dollars out of the Medicaire fund to pay for "deadbeat health care", must choose between eating or medicines and losing their homes to pay for hospital co-pays.  Soft?

Americans are being run over in the streets and dying from hit and run accidents by Mexican illegals who are here driving without a license or insurance and flee from accident scenes.  Americans are having their homes invaded by illegal criminals, Americans are having the copper wire ripped out of their AC units so illegals can funnel copper to Mexico, Americans are being killed in the streets by illegal latino street gangs..all because Obama won't enforce our immigration laws .Soft?

Businesses have huddled down and won't hire because Obama mandated that they have to expend almost everything they have to conform to strangling EPA, Obamacare and Taxation regulations.  Many businesses are barely surviving as it is in this economic climate.  Soft?

Thirty percent of all home mortgages are underwater and house prices will not bounce back because Obama interfered so aggressively into the foreclosure process that we now have 9 million homes still awaiting foreclosure.  Soft?

American consumers and small businesses cannot get credit because of Obama's championing the Dodd-Frank Financial legislation that requires banks to maintain reserves far higher than is required.  Soft?


Mr. President,
You're going to find out just how "hard" Americans can be in November 2012.

Soft Indeed.


Anonymous said...

Hes right, we are soft. We stand for all the BS our elected officials feed us and we do nothing but complain.

JWH from AZ

JustCommonSense said...

Thanks for your comments.