Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Obama Demonizing Social Etiquette"

Okay, President Obama over the weekend made still another speech.  This one demonized Republicans who failed to "shout down" two members of the Republican debate audience who booed when a gay soldier in Iraq asked a "gay issue" question.

Let's rise above the shallowness of political rhetoric and analyze this.  First of all, I question the gay soldier's motives.  My first question is "having been granted your right to declare your "gayness" while serving in the military, why must you even bring up your sexual preferences?"  Wasn't what you were actually doing was rubbing your gayness and your legal triumph in our faces?  Why must so many gays be "drama queens?".  Why can't you just shut up and live your personal life just as millions of "straight" soldiers do?  Do you hear "straight" soldiers talking about their sex life to the entire nation?

I believe the two "boo-ers" in the audience were simply the most vocal in the audience who just believe it is inappropriate to discuss your sex life in a political forum.  Moreover, I believe the audience at this forum felt likewise.  Since 90 percent of Americans are straight and believe in traditional marriage it would not be unusual if they were offended at having this soldier's "gayness" rubbed in the their faces.

So, along comes The Anointed One, who is desperate to get elected, to make a speech demonizing people who don't believe in discussing their sex lives in public.  Should we be surprised?  This is the same guy who champions Muslims, welcomes illegals to invade and advocates for a socialist America.

Obama might do well to just "shut up" lest we learn even more about his skewed views about America.  The gay soldier would do well to just "shut up" as well.  We just don't want to hear about your personal sex life.

That said, how about we start discussing how we pull 45 million people back above poverty level living...and how we get 30 million unemployed back to work.


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