Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Are Donating To Obama's Campaign Fund

Hey Republicans, Conservatives and Independents!  Whether you know it or not you are donating to Obama's Re-Election Campaign Fund.  You may not be doing it willingly, but you are.

Obama has, in a last act of desperation, begun to show his true colors.  Having failed miserably to resurrect the economy, thus losing the support of the center right American electorate, Obama has retreated to his true base; tit suckers and college students and is promising them more free taxpayer hand-outs to curry their favor.

During the past two weeks Obama has begun circumventing Congress, and democracy again by issuing "executive orders" to force banks to void contract law and re-finance home loans for folks who foolishly paid twice what their home was worth.  Already deeply in the red,  and bleeding tax payer money at $125 billion dollars per quarter, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now prepared to absorb a few trillion dollars of toxic home loans.   Obama, having made the housing slump longer and deeper through Dodd Frank legislation and an all out assault on the banks, must now try to revive housing by having the taxpayer pay for bad housing decisions.  In effect, every taxpayer, regardless of political persuasion, is now funding Obama's catering to his political base.

This week begins the second round of "fundraising".  Obama has just decreed that folks who took out a trillion dollars in student loans no longer have to make full payment.  Beginning in 2012 student loan borrowers can now make only partial payments to reimburse taxpayers for these loans.  Why?  Because Obama's economic plans have been so horrible that college graduates no longer have jobs to go to after securing their "Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies".  No jobs equals no student loan payback.  What should really anger all of you is that, when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress they passed legislation that totally forgives student loans if they are not paid back within 25 years.  Yesterday Obama shortened that period.  Now, if they haven't paid back their student loans within 20 years, Obama says "that's okay; don't worry about it; we'll just forgive the loan. After all, it's not my money!"

So, be prepared for more federal give a ways as Obama's reelection campaign heats up.  Obama can't win re-election based on his job performance so he has chosen to buy it...with your tax dollars!


Anonymous said...

Its sad what he is doing to our once great country.Any one with two eyes and an IQ over room temperature can see what needs to be done is cut spending especially to services the illegal immigrants are receiving and to foreign countries who arent our friends.
Cutting corporate taxes or a flat tax would create a more job friendly environment and then alot of things would sort themselves out naturally like the housing market for one. Rant over


JustCommonSense said...

Every word is true, JH. I'm just afraid that he will buy off enough voters to get another four years. Thanks for your comments.

scoob8177 said...

Anonymous you are a idiot, if you think this was a great country before obama came into office your blind or a fool. I work 50 to 60 hours a week and barely get by and its not because of any of the reasons you stated. Its because american product cant compete on the open market with prosducts from other countries that exploit workers. I would like tou know how much stuff in your house says made in china, korea, or japan. When people stop buying products from companies that move there work force over sees than we will start to strengthen our ecomomy. It makes no sense to spend more money if that money is leaving the country. It starts with each individual person not who the president is. Stop looking for someone to blame and do somthing about it. cry cry cry