Friday, May 3, 2013

Media Titallation; Glorious Gay-dom!


I'm officially old and out of touch.  I finally realized that when I became baffled by the literal avalanche of those coming out of the closet and declaring their glorious "gayness".  It's the latest trend; a day rarely goes by these days that we don't see a media headline about the latest celebrity/public figure announcing they are gay.

I'm trying to figure out the motivation for all this brouhaha about bedroom preferences.  And the media love it!  It gives them something to talk about!  It gives our liberal friends the opportunity to voice their "tolerance" for alternative lifestyles.  

Every stat I read says there are probably two or three percent of the population who are gay.  I suspect that percentage has held steady for centuries.  So what's so remarkable about this now?  To me it's as silly as the other 97% of us holding a press conference to say we're straight!  How many media heads would attend a "straight" announcement?  My guess is zero.

Every time I see one of these "bursting out of the closet" announcements I can't help but be reminded of the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy shows up and all the little Munchkins flit around her and anoint her as the most wonderful icon they've ever known!  Are gays more compassionate than the majority of us?  Do they hold some magic that is unique only to them?  Do they possess magic answers to our societal problems?  Are we somehow more enlightened when we learn someone is gay?  Are we now require to elevate them to "Saint" status?

I'm just asking because when someone like Tim Tebow hits a knee in the end zone and displays his love for Christ he's crucified by the Main Stream Media as if he had committed some strange act of perversion.   Yet, an admission that someone is gay grabs the top headlines!

So, I'm just not seeing this whole "gay" thing.  I would guess there's probably a literal cornucopia of bedroom practices going on in American bedrooms every night of the year.  Straights don't talk about them because, thankfully, no one anymore is interested.  So why is being gay such an occasion for celebration?

And what do we say to people who follow the Bible and believe homosexuality to be sinful?  Shall we put the millions of them on crosses and crucify them for their true beliefs?  Shall we boycott businessmen who hold a similar religious belief, initiate boycotts and burn and write graffiti on Chik Fil A franchises as gays tried to do last year?  What gives gays the right to demand you fall in line with the gay lifestyle?

Let me clarify something here and now.  I'm not homophobic.  I'm not against gay unions OR gay marriage per se, although I do believe that our society is far more enriched by marriages between men and women, if only because they can procreate and extend the next generation.  And I'll bet there are many gay civil unions or marriages that are faring better than many traditional pairings.   But there are also a hell of a lot of fragile gay relationships as what makes them saints in the eyes of the media?  Hell, Obama just had to personally call the "first gay professional athlete to emerge from the closet" this week!  How many troops who came home from Afghanistan got a call from him?  Is the act of coming out of the closet more honorable than someone who served their country?  Pure bullshit!

But it seems to me we've gone overboard on the glorification of gays.  Is a marriage between gays more glorious than those between straights?  Do gays cheat on their partners less than straights?  From what I see the answer is no.  In the cities I've lived in it is the gay bars where the "wild action" is taking place. Hell, most of the straights can't afford to party so much these days; Obama's economy has seen to that!

My guess is that all this gay glorifying is just media titillation.  It's just another hot new trend like Bieberism or Beatlemania or Hula Hoops; just something to draw eyeballs to the streaming media.

Not that anyone is interested but our economy is in trouble, Europe's economies are worse, ten thousand people will be slaughtered in Africa and in the Middle East, small children will be kidnapped, raped and murdered today...and the media is leading their newscasts with the latest closet bursting revelation.

Oh well.....I guess, until it gets boring, the media will continue to tell me far more than I want to know about a person's personal life.


Brian Clancy said...

While not my place to question the morality or potential lack of, concerning homosexuality, as I am just a man like any other. I do feel obligated to call the media out on this, as pointed out in your above piece, THERE IS REAL NEWS worthy of our attention. It would seem to me to be just more smoke and mirrors by the liberal media to draw away from the real issues and to further dumb down the masses. I miss the world I remember from my childhood and worry for this next generation.

A Modest Scribler said...

Brian, I'm currently reading a bio of Walter Cronkite. The guy was a flaming liberal...but I never knew it! That's what the news used to be....reporters offered objective offerings of the news and didn't let their personal biases affect their reporting.

And, back in the day when we only had the three broadcast channels for news, we were at least offered 30 minutes of hard news. Now all we seem to get with all these cable news stations are opinion pieces.

While Fox News does have their share of ideologues, they do present the news itself in a balanced way. And, even on the opinion shows they bring a balance of liberal and conservative views to the table.

Not true for the mainstream media.

And yes, we have far too many stories that go unreported because we've got to keep up on who's gay, what Beyonce and Jay Z are up to, and of course the latest wonderfulness of the anointed one.

Ken said...

Just like your comment to Brian there. Imagine the great pearls of wisdom you could have imparted if not for the writing about the gay man?
I am old enough to remember a newscast by Mr Cronkite that was objectively presented and I had no idea which way the wind blew him, nor did I care. I wanted the story.
As for gays, I still have no idea the fascination. As for Tim Tebow, he is reviled because of his love of Jesus. Jesus's teachings in the Bible don't care for the homosexual way of life. I don't really care for the lifestyle either, that's why I'm not gay and I don't care to know who is, ever, neither is it anyone's business what I prefer in my bedroom. I do think homosexuality is a deviation from the norm however, therefore marriage would seem only appropriate between those who can reproduce. Civil unions, fine but leave the family alone and stop with all the chatter of how a gay home is just as healthy as a straight home, just not so. Children need the influence of both parents, it just is proven time and again in all the single parent households.

I'm rambling on now, so I will say goodnight and leave you with this, 29% of Americans believe an armed revolution will take place in the next four years! You called it first!