Monday, May 20, 2013

Establish "American Preservation Zones?"


If you drive around your home town I'll bet you can find at least half a dozen buildings that have been designated Historical Preservation protected.  Most often these are over a hundred years old, present some facet of classic architecture and have been deemed worthy of preservation.

Last week I was reading a news article on Detroit, Michigan.  The report detailed the incredible history of Black government corruption that has driven that city into ruins.  Hundreds of thousands of homes are in such disrepair they resemble those European cities bombed into ruin during World War II.  Residential real estate has lost billions in home values.  Working, Tax Paying Whites have fled that once thriving city and all that's left are Black Welfare communities that are robbing, raping and murdering each other at an alarming rate.  State audits indicate the city is $15 billion dollars in debt and, thanks to a long line of corrupt Black mayors,  Detroit may be the biggest U.S. city to declare bankruptcy.  

Sadly, we see that same urban devastation in dozens of other American cities, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Birmingham, Los Angeles...the list is long.  In every case these cities are the consequence of the "nanny state".  It is the "big government" breeding of a dependent class that long boarded the federal welfare and food stamp gravy train.  The same "big government" that sustains their power by means of the great electoral bribe; vote for us and we'll give you more....and sadly, those who succumb to these liberal sirens always end up with less.

Ironically, California, the 5th richest economy in the world, has the most cities who have already gone bankrupt and even more on the critical list.  The entire 500 mile long central valley of California is now a human cesspool of illegal Mexicans, infested by diseases we had once conquered, rampant with crime, where the tax base has declined, unemployment rates in double digits for years, schools nothing more than latino gang activity centers, hit and run, uninsured drivers, and rape robbery and murder rates soaring.   California's problem is that they are trying to support 15 million illegal Mexicans with a dwindling tax base as more and more taxpaying, law abiding Whites flee that state.
And, with the Obama's massive push to legalize 30 million illegals nationwide, perhaps it is time to establish a new "American Preservation Zone".   I moved out of California nine years ago when our quiet and sedate middle class neighborhood became infested with illegal Mexicans, all of them rented by multiple families.  One group that moved in across the street soon had their cars parked on the front lawn, loud music being vomited out of open garage doors, shaking the foundation of my house fifty yards away.  I spent alot of time with the Sheriff's office calling in noise complaints.  Our morning walks were ruined as we began having to step over condoms, piles of fast food bags and stare down graffiti.  The crime rate soared and it was no longer safe to walk the neighborhood at night.  So, just on the off chance that Americans may someday want to revert to a more civilized living standard, maybe preserving a few neighborhoods that are still habitable would be a good idea.

Perhaps those American Preservation Zones could be protected by the same laws we use to preserve our older historical buildings.  How would we do that?  Well, let's identify an American neighborhood that still has front porches where neighbors once used to talk to each other from a rocking chair on a warm spring evening.  Let's establish a zero tolerance policy for graffiti, let's prohibit Mexican low-riders from being parked, three at a time on the front lawns, let's prohibit the blaring of Mariachi music being blared from open garages late into the night.  Let's prohibit "Mexican Garage Sale Mamas" from having a garage sale every weekend, with thrift shop clothing draped over the front fence.  Let's force residents in "American Preservation Zones" to throw out that $500 hundred dollars worth of junk in their two car garage and put their $30,000 dollar vehicle in there...and not on the street.  Let's put speed bumps in every APZ neighborhoods so folks will be forced to drive prudently.  Let's restructure our zoning laws to allow small neighborhood groceries to return to neighborhoods as they once were.  Let's encourage private weapon usage in every home by posting yard signs for every resident WHO DOESN'T own a firearm.   Let's prohibit the practice of allowing three different families occupying a home that was meant for one.  Let's assess an additional 20% property tax assessment for every parent who fails to attend school PTA meetings, or a corresponding rent increase for renters.  Let's end school busing for every kid who lives within a mile of their school...and use the money saved to hire additional neighborhood safety patrols.  

The quality of our residential neighborhoods have been in decline for decades.  Within a few more years residential neighborhoods will prove to be unfit to live in.  So, just as we sponsor the preservation of historic buildings, let's set up a few American Preservation Zones across America so that we might remember when our homes were friendly confines, when we were safe from crime, when we didn't have to read gang graffiti and wade through piles of fast food bags, when our streets were wide because they weren't jammed on both sides of the streets with cars and monster SUV's...and when Home Sweet Home had some vestige of meaning.
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Ken said...

Every one of the cities you cite are cities who's elected officials are all democrat. They all hate the conservative so this is what we get. California is entirely like that, we should look like one huge Detroit or Baltimore very soon. That is really sad, this was a beautiful state. Our Central Valley's towns were just beautiful, all looking like a set on "Happy Days, or The Andy Griffith Show" and the farms all green and known as the finest growing region in the entire world with several crops a year harvested. Not so anymore. Nancy Pelosi and gang have created a dustbowl of the central valley with the intent of takeover by the state or huge corporations, lax immigration enforcement has created a toilet of those once beautiful small towns. The whole state looks like a war zone mostly.

We have those houses you describe in my little North Kali town. What you describe sounds a lot like an H.O.A, Homeowner's Association. A lot of us don't like to live in those type of confines where we are told what color to paint our house, where we can park our car and what type of landscaping to install. Homes declared historical residences are protected much more stringently than the HOA's. Rather than create zones like that, in my town and in several cities in our county, I know, have ordinances that are in place to control what are known as "eyesores". They are in place to stop the parking of cars on front lawns, perpetual construction projects that don't get completed, houses in need of repair or unsightly conditions, etc.. These ordinances carry the power of condemnation or lien and Auction Sale if the houses are not brought into compliance within a certain time period. They are very useful but only seem to be used if a neighbor complains more than a few times. They can be used very divisively unfortunately as well, but I guess anything can. This does alleviate the need for HOA's or "Preservation Zones" that just create a need for more taxes. It would just be nice if these people just would have a little pride in themselves. One other point I would like to make here is that the city of Oakland was a huge blight on California like Detroit is. The influx of illegals though turned out to be a positive there. The houses are now painted and landscaped by the mexicans who have moved here, the landlords wouldn't pay for it and of course the black population wouldn't either. It seems,though,that the mexicans,in Oakland anyway,have the pride enough in themselves to make their homes presentable. It is a night and day change to that city. One positive on the illegal front.

A Modest Scribler said...

Actually Ken, the "ideal" neighborhood was just to serve as a vehicle for a tongue in cheek critique of of how we've allowed our neighborhoods to degrade...I don't like HOA'S either...too anal retentive. I must have struck a nerve with liberals because I've gotten attacked unmercifully for being a racist.

As to the "Oakland upgrade"...well I guess that has to relative because I was in Oakland not long ago and much of it still sucks. Wouldn't live there on a bet.

Ken said...

Oakland will always suck. It just is a better grade of suck now days. Anybody would be crazy to want to live there, so that leaves us worried about a population of four hundred thousand crazy gun totin gangsters living just over the hill!