Monday, May 13, 2013

The IRS "Enemies List"


The revelations over the weekend that the IRS purposely targeted the American Tea Party and other conservative groups is simply another wedge driven into an already divided America.  How many of us can look back at Barack Obama's first inauguration and, whether you voted for him or not, were hopeful that the election of a first Black President would end the divisive racial politics of the last half century?

After all, wasn't it Obama himself who proclaimed that there are no blue states or red states but American states?  Wasn't it Obama who pledged to go to Washington and begin a kinder, gentler political atmosphere?  

We were still hopeful, even after learning that Obama had spent twenty years giving "oh yeahs" to Reverend Wright's "God Damn America" sermons.  And yes, we were a bit wary following the now famous San Francisco campaign speech in 2008 when he labeled Christians and Conservatives as folks "clinging to their guns and their bibles".

How quickly we were proven wrong.  The first thing Obama did was load up his cabinet and White House staff with tax cheats and the Chicago Mafia, led by Rahm Emmanuel, he of the "dead fish" heritage of partisan politics during the Clinton administration.

Obama then ceded leadership to two of the most liberal radicals in Congress; Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  Harry and Nancy rammed through a trillion dollar pork stimulus bill that subsidized liberal causes and did nothing to invigorate the economy.  Then, they rammed Obamacare down America's collective throats.

Thus bloomed The Tea Party, shocked by the massive spending and freedom choking mandates of Obamacare.  Americans of all races, of all backgrounds gathered at Town Hall Meetings across the land.  Unlike the liberal Occupy movement which raped and destroyed, The Tea Party occupied no one's property, left no garbage, but simply attended meetings with their Congressional representatives to demand fiscal sanity and an end to the growing encroachment of government into their personal lives.

Immediately the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime branded these conservative citizens as "wild eyed radicals".  Obama himself spent his first four years ceding leadership and opting to run a continuous campaign of demonizing Republicans, then coming back to Washington and demanding that they "work with him".

Then we have Obama's strategy for dealing with race relations.  To Hispanics he preached that anyone who opposed illegal amnesty were "racists".  To Blacks who still suffer from 30 percent unemployment Obama seeks to demonize Republicans for his own failures, then using strong-armed Attorney General Eric Holder to ignore Black thuggery at polling places and to encourage voter fraud by championing the idea that no one ever need to show an I.D. to vote.  Finally, we had Obama and his minions avoiding the need to address 500 murders a year on the South Side of Chicago but demonizing one "white Hispanic" who killed "his son".  

Finally, Obama used the demonization of anyone who dared make more than $200,000 dollars a year and set off class warfare to go along with race warfare and those "Christian conservatives" clinging to their guns, their bibles and the idea that taxpayer money shouldn't be spent to use abortion as a form of birth control.

Obama has shown time and time again his disdain for the Constitutional process, whether it be illegal immigration, forcing religious organization to pay for abortions, using the "Czar" process to circumvent Congressional authority, initiate cover-ups of the Benghazi mess, or force Americans to buy a product they do not wish to buy.

And the country has never been more divided.  Now we have the Obama regime using the oppressive power of the IRS to quash dissent.  The last time that happened was during the Nixon Administration...and we sent him packing.  Let's see if Middle America is as disgusted with a new "enemies list" and what they'll choose to do about it.  If this latest attack on the personal liberties of Americans is allowed to continue, America may be beyond saving.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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