Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My White Hot Hate For Liberals


The other day on Face Book I got into a political debate with someone.  We were "semi-civilly" swapping support points when the lady uttered a "trigger" phrase that angered me beyond all reason. That phrase was advising a conservative friend to "leave the country if he didn't like how things were going here".  That phrase reminded me of those "my country right or wrong" folks back in the 70's who told Vietnam war protesters to leave if they didn't like it here.  

Now I had little admiration for how anti-war protesters were conducting their campaign but I hated hearing those conservatives telling political protesters to leave; that pre-supposes that folks only have the right to protest when enough of the majority agree with you.  I rejected it then and I reject it now.

But the real "truth" found in my little debate spat on FB the other day was not so much the character of our debate, but the white hot hate I was able to muster up against a liberal opponent.

Good lord, I have always thought that I could argue a point in a totally rational, and non-emotional way.  Sadly, I've found that's no longer true.  I've identified now this white hot liberal hate that just bubbles below the surface these days.  When I sought an answer as to why I found that it's the oppressiveness of the new liberalism that I can no longer take.

It's the constant "in your face" liberalism espoused by Obama and Holder and Reid and Pelosi and Wasserman Schultz as they tell you how to think about gays, abortion, the role of big government in your lives, what to eat, what to smoke, what to drink and how to think.  

And, when you fail to get with the liberal agenda you are deemed a red neck, religious narrow-minded racist.  It is the new liberalism that just keeps pecking at you, giving you a headache, and refusing to give you rest and peace of mind.

Back in more civilized times liberals and conservatives knew who each other were and, at least on "main street", afforded us the freedom to go our own particular ways.  We conservatives could just determine not to have a political discussion with our liberal friends, just to maintain civility between each other.    That is no longer possible.  The arrogance of liberals these days demand that you fall in line with them; if you choose not to do so they will demonize you beyond all reason.

Thus, the white-hot hate liberals now generate, at least in me.  I have to tell you that if Obama and Reid and Pelosi and Dick Durbin and Wasserman Schultz and Holder and Napolitano were lined up in front of a firing squad, God help me, I'd throw a block party and get drunk for the first time in a decade.  Such is the anger, such is the feeling of oppressiveness I'm feeling from these liberal tyrants.

During the Bush years I was so disgusted by his foolish Middle East Wars that I began turning off the TV when I saw his visage appear;  I just could not tolerate hearing from "the decider" anymore.  But I didn't feel that massive sense of oppressiveness during the Bush years.  I didn't feel like government was closing in on me as I feel under Obama and his minions.  

I know I'm not alone.  That's the general sense those in the Tea Party have.  And I suspect there are tens of millions just like me.  This is no longer a war of political ideas but a war to preserve our right to protest, our right to express what our values are and our right to disagree without being demonized.

Most of us just want to be left alone to lead our lives in a manner we personally choose.  We are not being afforded that basic freedom and the cauldron is bubbling with a white hot hate.  Who knows what happens when that cauldron boils over but it's not gonna be pretty.


Ken said...

I thought it was just me! It is a most frustrating feeling to say the least. That would explain all the hate in this country now. When the White House Press dinner is attended by liberals only and of those none will challenge skeptically even the failures of this president, I know I am being controlled by a most evil presence that will soon topple this country if not stopped. Like you say that will be the second revolution.

A Modest Scribler said...

While Tom Brokaw is firmly in Obama's corner at least he had the balls to say that White House Correspondents dinner was becoming ridiculous with all the Hollywood bling...who have nothing to do with a free press.

Gagging to the max, here.

Brian Clancy said...

Conservative says,"well everyone has a right to their opinion."
Liberal says,"well everyone has a right to my opinion."

Brian Clancy said...
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A Modest Scribler said...

you said it Brian. At least that's how it is these days.

Wraith said...

"Why don't you government-hating gun freaks go off somewhere and form your own country?"

We did. Who let you in?