Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The IRS; Obama's "Iron Fist"


Last year I wrote a blog entitled "What If 50 Million Of Us Stop Paying Taxes"....doesn't sound like a bad idea this year, does it?.  We've learned in recent weeks that the Obama Administration has used the IRS as an "enforcer" and political advocate for Obama and his minions.

Now don't you find this ironic as hell?  I mean, here we have the already dreaded Internal Revenue Service denying equitable political tax status to conservative groups, issuing "citizen warnings" against street protesting of Planned Parenthood, throwing up roadblocks against the Tea Party while greasing the skids for every liberal political movement known to man.

I can think of no better proof that big government is now not just out of control, but are now prepared to stomp a heavy boot on the back of your neck should you be an advocate of less government and greater citizen involvement.

And I fear, when all the facts come out, we'll find that the IRS instigated tax audits on those citizens that might have dared to oppose government oppression.  The findings already revealed ought to send chills up the spine of anyone who believes in the divine rights of personal liberty.

It seems to me Obama's Big Socialist Government philosophy created the perfect storm for the IRS's iron fisted assault on conservatives.  The IRS has feared for years that some rogue Conservative will hammer together a coalition of the citizenry in support of a flat tax, or a national sales tax in lieu of the income tax.  Not only would this limit the IRS capability to ride roughshod over taxpayers, it would eliminate hundreds of thousands of IRS employees and their huge operating budget!

Perhaps the IRS felt threatened with obsolescence and thus readily embraced the Obama political thuggery; use the power of tax law to suppress conservative dissent and oil the machinery of liberal groups by pumping billions of tax free dollars into Obama's Chicago style national political machine, thus assuring an Obama victory last November!

Perhaps even more damaging to sound management is that other IRS hand, the velvet glove.  While the Iron fist is beating up conservatives and working taxpayers, the other velvet gloved hand is doling out billions in child tax credits to welfare queens and "breeders", to include $11 billion dollars that went to illegal Mexicans last year.  Add to that all the other green check bribes offered to "the 47%"...and you'll win a lot of elections!

Anyone else think we might now seriously consider eliminating the income tax altogether and supplant it with a national sales tax that, by definition ropes in all the tax cheaters, diminishes the power of our IRS masters and send those IRS thugs to the unemployment line?


Ken said...

Ever since I saw the abuse the IRS inflicted on my father, just outright extortion is what I watched and then the Draconian penalties I was made to suffer at my own business when I made the slightest of errors in my employee contributions but the horribly little cooperation and the very untimely repayment when the error was in my favor with no penalty payments made to me. I have never dealt with a more evil outfit as the IRS and all the while I am thinking that , "gee, they work for me, WTF is this?" Made me sympathize with Timothy McVeigh!

I can't think of a more pleasant fantasy outcome than to see the IRS dismantled and a flat tax put in place. I think that would be far and away more fair and it would get everyone involved. Like you say, all the illegals, welfare recipients, criminal enterprises, etc., etc.. Like I said, though, fantasy. The IRS is much too powerful, I can't imagine them being done away with. That IS sad!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I don't think this goes away anytime soon...Dems and Repubs are condemning this and there's lots of folks that would love to see the IRS disbanded.

You never know, next year when the IRS really gets in your face, being the Obamacare "enforcer", it'll get even uglier.