Thursday, May 16, 2013

Liberal Media Plays "Pussyfoot" With Middle America


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Pardon this smirk on my face but I'm having quite the time reading about the liberal main stream media's recent "Obama Scandal Lashing".  The wider smile is for Middle America and Conservatives who are glowing in the aftermath of "I told you so",  as they see the liberal media jump into the fray and pronounce intense indignation at all of Obama's Chicago like thuggery; the Benghazi cover-ups, the Attorney General's attack on states who tried to assure clean elections by requiring voter I.D., the IRS' role in squashing conservative groups who sought political organization status in order to have their voice heard during the election year, and lastly, Obama's own Attorney General secretly invading the personal files of the Associated Press, in violation of the 1st Amendment!

Let's dial down the conservative enthusiasm about a "newly responsible press".  Let's look at all of this rationally.  To do so, we have to go back to pre-election days.  Let's look back at Benghazi for example.  This same liberal media knew everything there was to know about Benghazi.  Nothing new has been revealed in recent weeks.  So why now are the press finally publishing the dirt?  Simple; to do so before the election they would have jeopardized The Anointed One's chance for re-election!  

Not only did the press fail to broadcast or publish Obama's dirt, they aided and abetted in the cover up!  They further poisoned the well by declaring the Benghazi scandal as nothing more than a trumped up story generated, and covered by Fox News!  

The same is true with the voter ID laws.  The press demonized Republicans who, having seen Obama's Chicago like election thuggery before, tried to insure only registered and eligible voters showed up at the polls.  How did the liberal press handle the issue?  Did they release a report that showed 12,000 illegal Mexicans voted in the 2008 Presidential elections?  Did they profile some of those Maryland Blacks who voted as much as seven times in seven different states?  No!  The same liberal press would trot out a poor Black in Baltimore, or a poor Mexican in southern Texas, who, apparently owned no personal I.D.!  Who had apparently never boarded an airplane, never attended a Democratic National Convention, never bought a bottle of liquor or a pack of cigarettes, all of which require personal I.D.!
So, again, the press was merely pimping for Obama with regard to clean elections laws!

And what did we find post 2012?  We found Blacks voting for Obama in Philadelphia and Baltimore at 107% and 115% of voters counted!  How the hell can you have more than 100% of anything?  So again, the press was complicit in the corruption.

And now we learn that, between the IRS and the liberal media, this last Presidential election was bought and paid for long before the election year ever began!  We had the liberal media broadcasting and printing out and out lies about Mitt Romney....and sweeping the Obama "true crimes" right under the rug!

So, sometime this past spring, perhaps the American public had finally reached the "gag factor" and tired of the liberal media adoration of Obama.  Perhaps some Letters To The Editor began to hit home with some publisher who still possessed a trace of a conscience...who knows....perhaps the incessant unfolding of the Benghazi massacre finally hit home and could no longer be suppressed, even by a dominate liberal media.  

What then transpired was more of a liberal press strategy session than an attack of conscience.  The liberal press thugs now see an opportunity to now assume a "neutral and objective" stance on reporting which might regain them a small slice of respectability.  None of that matters now, the damage has been done and we are again left with a soiled and slimy "man-child" occupying the White House...and the long term suffering will continue.

And, lest the conservatives who are suffering under the delusion that the main stream media have reformed themselves, I issue a "beware".  Folks, this is simply more posturing and posing...knowing everything last November that they know today (which they did), the fawning and slobbering press would do the exact same job of covering up,  unfairly attacking Romney, and still claiming to be fair and objective.

Not even the Obama administration's attack on the Constitutional protections of a free press, the AP scandal will reform this media.  In the last few days we've seen NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox and even liberal bastion NPR send letters of protest to the White House about press intrusion.  Believe me, this is all window dressing; just a minor childish spat between two inseparable friends.

Conservatives and Middle America would do well to remember all of this as the pols gear up for the 2014 election.  As the mid-term elections draw near you can expect the liberal mainstream media to again go "orgasmic" over every liberal candidate who mounts a podium.  

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