Thursday, May 9, 2013

Benghazi And The Death of The Truth


Late on the evening of June 17th, 1972, a group of former government spooks broke into Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate Office Complex in Washington D.C.  A night security guard blew the cover on them and called the police.  This interrupted an effort to break into Democratic Headquarters in order to steal Democratic political intelligence (this was long before everyone discovered that there is no Democrat intelligence).

The incident was reported as a minor crime in the next morning's Washington Post.  Over the coming months things began to unravel.  Connections to the White House were discovered.  Woodward and Bernstein doggedly pursued the story and followed it all the way to the Oval Office.  President Richard Nixon spent a year denying involvement.  But, as political intermediaries began to desert the sinking Presidency, the story came out and in August 1974 Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency in disgrace.

No one died in the Watergate Scandal.  Nothing of importance was taken from Democratic National Headquarters.  Yet, Nixon was forced to resign because he breached the public trust by lying to the American people.  You see, back in those ancient days we held our Presidents to a higher standard.

Fast forward to 1992.  Bill and Hillary assume the office of the Presidency; Bill as Commander in Chief and Hillary as Health Care Czar and Travelgate Mastermind.  Both had learned the art of guile in Little Rock Arkansas, Bill side-stepping bimbo scandals and Hillary running up big gains in commodities and scoring large on the Whitewater bamboozle.   Both Bill and Hillary escaped impeachment thanks to  a huge immoral army of liberals who championed their value.

Fast forward a little further, to the summer of 95.  The Monica Lewinski scandal emerges.  Seems Slick Willie still couldn't abandon his penchant for chasing the broads around the Churchill desk.  And he was successful in catching at least one, a 19 year old White House page, whose dresses were besotted with Slick Willie's semen.  Hauled in front of a Grand Jury, Clinton lied...not only to the American people, but to a Grand Jury, a court of law.  

But, because Slick Willie was "cool", played the Sax on late night talk shows, stood up for the welfare queens and other government tit suckers it was no longer necessary for a President to tell the truth.  
Slick Willie, in Teflon suit, escaped again.


Fast forward once late October 2012, only a couple of weeks before the next Presidential Election.  We again have a slick talking President who, having just wrapped up four years of continuous campaigning, convincing an impressive number of Americans that two plus two equals five and day is night and night is day.  Schooled in Chicago politics he preaches transparency while keeping secret White House visitors lists and scoring big campaign donations from bankrupt solar executives.

One of Barry's weak links is the growing assumption that he's weak on defending us against Muslim extremism.  His "Arab Spring" ad campaign turned into nightmare American flags were burned and as Christians and their churches were burned throughout the "new Middle East".  Thus the need for him to boost the reputation of Libyan rebels and in total denial of their fanatical intentions.

Then, nightmare turns into cold hard reality as Muslim extremists attack our diplomatic corp in Libya.  The State Department, now run by Hillary, veteran of Whitewater and Travelgate, and deft at cover-ups, begins to build a fictional tale of spontaneous thugs wreaking havoc as a result of an anti-Muslim film.  The Ambassador's pleas for beefed up security weeks before the Benghazi attacks go unreported. A Navy Admiral who dares to protest government's failure to mount a rescue is fired.  Military and CIA and State Department operatives involved with the operation are given gag orders and threatened if any truths are released to the American people.  

Barry enlists the support of the liberal mainstream media to keep a lid on the scandal lest his re-election is threatened.  Then, as always when morally upright folks are involved, the truth of that nightmare night begins to emerge.  Information is released that confirms both Obama and Hillary were aware of the nature of the threat within ten minutes after it began.  But, because the truth would hurt Obama's re-election in 2012, and Hillary's assured Presidency in 2016, the facts are buried.  The truth about how rescue efforts were quashed and four Americans who lost their lives, who shouldn't have died.

And now, this week, the morally upright, who can no longer be silenced, have come forth to tell the ugly truth.  And we learn of the ugliness.  We learn how politics was deemed more important than American lives.  We learn how, even before the coffins arrived at the capitol, Obama and Hillary have concocted a Shakespearean tragedy with no basis in fact.  

The roles were well rehearsed; stand in front of the coffins with cameras rolling.  Shed a tear of regret that a small time documentary filmmaker is responsible for these tragic deaths.  Play it for all it's worth and when called before Congress to testify, assume an angry stance and say "what does it matter how it happened? " It's over!", says Hillary hoping to stop the probes, hoping the cover up will hold up.

Now, this week, we learn the truth.  Will we impeach a President?  Will we hold him responsible for his lies and his cover up?

No.  We, the American people, no longer hold our Presidents to a higher standard.  Turn the Oval Office into your own personal bordello, as long as you keep those green checks coming!  With Watergate, no one died.  And Nixon was forced to resign.   In Benghazi four Americans died.  But Obama has cover from his many diverse special interest groups; illegal Mexicans, gays, those drawing a government check, and those who believe that liberalism and their leaders, can do no wrong.

And truth is dead for all time.


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