Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Liberals Mourn Conviction of Abortion Doctor


Liberals this week are mourning the conviction of abortionist doctor Kermit Gosnell.  They did not, and will not mourn the death of thousands of infants as little as two months away from birth.  At one point in his practice he was so busy killing babies he had to flush them down the toilet to dispose of them, call the plumber to clear the backup and make it ready for the next batch of murdered babies bound for the city's sewer system.

Dr. Gosnell practiced in a Black community where abortion as birth control is common practice.  He ran such a booming business he often took calipers and gouged and twisted tiny necks in order to get them out and get to the next baby.  Because so many of these fetuses were in the third term of pregnancy he often had to revert to injecting a deathly poison in the fetus in order to hasten along the extraction.

And then, as these babies fought desperately to live, as they drew on the life force that every living thing has within them, some of the more unfortunate ones survived the gouging and stabbing and poison and showed the audacity to be born alive, gasping for life...for a chance to live...and that is when the doctor would grab a pair of surgical scissors and snapped their little spines.


Liberal tears were shed for the doctor, both in and out of the courtroom.  They see the conviction of a baby killer as nothing more than a threat to the explosive growth of the abortion industry.  They fear the backlash of those who can see a fully formed baby and condemn its destruction.  Liberals fear that Americans will become so outraged by this senseless killing that they demand the end of federal funding for this infantile genocide.  

And sadly, liberals fear that they might be asked to act responsibly, practice birth control..or for God's sake, abstinence if they can't, or choose not to support the consequences of their irresponsible breeding.

It is worth noting that on Mother's Day Barack Obama championed the sections of Obamacare that force religious organizations and American taxpayers to fund birth control and abortion for American mothers.  The President had nothing to say about Dr. Gosnell's conviction.  It is also worth noting that the President didn't say "if I had a son he would probably have looked like one of the tragic victims of the abortionists tongs and scissors.

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