Thursday, May 23, 2013

Katrina Vs Oklahoma City


You can always tell the quality of a community's people by how they respond to natural disaster.  Last year in Missouri the good people picked themselves up from a horrible tornado and immediately began cleanup and rebuilding.  Oklahoma has endured three mega tornadoes in the last decade.  In every instance they heeded the warnings and took safety, then emerged from shelters to assess damage, reached out to help others and began the long slow effort to rebuild.  Neither Missouri nor Oklahoma stood around with the their thumb up their butt waiting for FEMA!  They did what they could for themselves! 

Compare that to Katrina where they ignored evacuation warnings, threw Hurricane parties, looted their neighborhoods, then cried for the National Guard to come save them, then made the Superdome unliveable in ten short days by not cleaning up after themselves, then cried for FEMA, then waited for volunteers to come re-build their houses.

  The difference?  Those mid-west communities are populated by Americans who still possess a work ethic,  the moral underpinnings that a church and a community instills in you, value "family" as the core  of their lives, and were taught if you want to get anything done you do it yourself.

Contrast that with a community where 70% are one-parent families, where three generations of 'victims" have learned to rely on Uncle Sam for a check and a Food Stamp card, and preferential racial quotas for education and employment.  As evidence by the massive Katrina looting, their neighborhoods hold no value to them.

And, while Missouri and Oklahoma quickly rebuild and get on with their lives,  where respect for authority compels them to seek shelter and safety, which saves lives,  that other community sees a disaster as a partying looting opportunity and are willing to wait years for Uncle Sam or sympathetic volunteers to come re-build what they should be doing for themselves.

Any major disaster will always require some form of Federal help.  But it is also true that help begins at home.  Those hard -working, church going Mid Westerners still have the pioneer spirit that built this nation...the other one is a product of the "woe is me" victim generation.  

Sad.  Damned Sad.


dirtblack said...

I'm from the upper Midwest and totally understand. In my small hometown if something happened to someone everyone helped out. Even if you didn't like that person you helped because it was the thing to do. What happened in Katrina just shows how different the cultures and values are. My mom always said "don't crap in your own nest." For those people to trash the super-dome and than cry about it is just plain stupid. We've seen that blame game before from our very own President. I don't think it's a coincidence. I can bet the Katrina criers are where most of our tax dollars go for welfare.

A Modest Scribler said...

Dirt, as I've cited often...and directly from the Health and Human Services site, Blacks make up 12 percent of the population, yet command .42 cents of every welfare dollar.

Ken said...

That is SO racist!! It's the truth that is probably why it is called that now. Many of the disasters that happened the same year as Katrina or the year following we didn't even hear about. They didn't whine enough, I guess. Coverage of Oklahoma is already falling off! I really am sick of those people, why we tolerate it I don't know, but I gotta say, I am much happier living among the folks I live among who are responsible for themselves.