Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not "Poverty".."Subsidized Sloth"

Mother's Day Parade Shooter Akein Scott

Police have identified one of three potential shooters who gunned down 19 Mother's Day Parade victims in the notorious 7th Ward of New Orleans.  The bodies had barely hit the ground before the liberal contingent emerged and decried the violence, in a city of violence, as simply another result of 7th Ward Black poverty.

How many of you are tiring of the same old saw, the same old "poverty plea" that accompanies the murders on Chicago's South Side, the "mob robs" in Baltimore and the utterly corrupt Black leadership of Detroit, Michigan?  Let's begin calling this cancer in our nation what it really is; "subsidized sloth".  Three generations of Black welfare queens, breeding crack babies, three generations provided "ethnic bribery" to ease some kind of collective White guilt has bred this violence and produced millions of Black "cry babies" moaning over slave laws that ended a hundred and fifty years ago.  

It wasn't poverty that caused 7th Warders to ignore Hurricane Katrina evacuation warnings and hang around and throw Hurricane parties while 500 evacuation buses sat int he city vehicle yard, unused.  No, it was that sense of "ethnic entitlement" that convinced these Blacks to hang around the 7th Ward, party hearty, loot stores, then cry out for Bush to rescue them...or be labeled a White racist President.

So, in comes the military and the National Guard, risking their own lives to rescue the lazy and the slothful, and the "entitled" simply because they might be carrying a bit of 150 year old DNA which proves an ancestor was a slave.

When many 7th Warders were given shelter in the Super dome they trashed the facility so thoroughly in ten days it became unlivable.  When more of them were evacuated to Houston they soon doubled Houston's crime rate.  When they were given temporary trailers they trashed those as well.

So, as soon as Sunday's Mother's Day savagery broke out, the liberals began shedding huge crocodile tears and laying the blame on that perennial "out" known as "poverty".  It does not matter than these thugs wear $200 dollar Michael Jordan shoes, coordinate their drug deals and mob robs using an I-Phone.  It does not matter that welfare mama is home watching Jerry Springer on her 70 inch Big Screen or that a late model Caddie sits in the oil stained driveway; the liberals will always decry the same tired old "un-truism", poverty.

The only "poverty" I see is a poverty of respect for the law, the poverty of not valuing human life, the poverty of self-respect and a work ethic.

Now we are all awaiting Barack Obama's appearance in the Rose Garden, decrying the violence of poverty even as he proclaims Akein Scott "the son he never had".

Sloth pure and simple...let's retire the poverty myth, cut out the massive government benefits that breeds these people, and cut this cancer out before it destroys us all.

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