Friday, May 10, 2013

Political Nightmare On Main Street


Politicians these days don't have any problem with the "47%"...they're bought and paid for; the big public union employees, the welfare queens, the green check pensioners, the food stamp and unemployed crowd, and the uber liberal devotees of "government as god".    Nor do they see any woe emanating from the ignorant, lazy and sleepy eyed citizens who don't know the name of the Vice President, the name of our first President, or who fought who during World War II.  They're not going to go out and vote anyway so let them sleep.

No, the politicians these days are having the hardest time with Main Street America, those folks who go to work every day to feed their families, obey our country's laws, perhaps attend a church on Sunday, volunteer for community cleanups and soup kitchens, and maintain a rigid set of morals that simply cannot be bent by liberal political persuasion.

These Main Streeters just simply refuse to believer that rewarding illegal invaders is a good thing.  They refuse to submit to the notion that using abortion as birth control is the right thing to do.  They are disgusted by the massive fraud, waste and abuse in our government programs, and they have just enough knowledge in their head that it won't be supplanted by political propaganda.

Oh, these Main Streeters only represent about a third of Americans these days.  They used to be the majority but, year by year, Big Government has been able to buy a number of them off, by handing them a free ticket to Uncle Sam's Exceptional and Wondrous Gravy Train.  But still that stubborn third, those non-budging folks that won't have their morals swayed, that can't be brain washed to believe that gay marriage is better than traditional marriage, or that 30 million impoverished Mexicans will improve the economy, that big government is efficient, or that they should surrender their health care choices to death panels.  They just won't listen...and this frustrates the hell out of politicians.  

Ironically, it is the Republicans these days who are having the worst of it.  The "new conservative" has, in a matter of months, decided that illegal immigration should be rewarded, that gay marriage should be glorified, and that perhaps running huge deficits is okay after all.  Yet, tragically, these empty-headed RINO's, these soulless cowards who fear the loss of their Congressional seat, have moved even farther away from Main Street America.  These pseudo conservatives somehow suffer from the notion that, in adopting a kinder and gentler surrender of their moral values, they'll gain favor with the very interest groups that are most loyal to the Democratic Party!  But desperation and political lust will do strange things to one's sense of reasoning.  But watch closely as those conservatives who courted illegality and immorality find themselves having lost Main Street, and having gained not a single vote on Chicago's South Side or Figueroa Street in Los Angeles!

And yes, while Nancy Pelosi lives in the heart of Sodom and Gomorrah, and needs not one vote from Main Street, Barack Obama and his minions covet them even as he drives them further and further away.  His alienating "clinging to bibles and guns" mantra hurt him dearly.  His picking up the phone to call and praise the "first gay professional athlete", while not bothering to call Sergeant John Smith, Main Street USA ruins his chances with Main Streeters.   And his "you didn't build this" hurt him most of all.

A variation on Lincoln's words:  "you can buy some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time..but you can't buy, sway or brainwash those one third of Main Street America who were instilled with a strong moral foundation years ago...and won't be hopping on that elusive and fleeting gravy train any time soon.  A nightmare for politicians indeed.

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