Monday, April 8, 2013

"America's Death; Really, What's The Big Deal?"


America is in critical condition these days.  My best guess is that she has a decade or two left.  Certainly no more.  And no, it's not Barack Obama's fault.  He's just sucking the last of life from America's corpse.

And really, we shouldn't be surprised!  The fresh breeze of democracy blew ever so briefly in ancient Greece.  Even mighty Rome, who claimed dominance over the known world, from the White Cliffs of Dover to the slums of Delhi, lasted five hundred years or so.  What makes America so special?  What special claim does she have on history?  Do the golden tones of a politician, who pimps the "greatness" of America make it so?  How empty do the words "a new American century" sound to those who can't find work, have no hope that their children will be properly educated, have no sense that they live in freedom and safety?  How can we have faith when all faith is lost in all our national institutions, whether they be government, or church leadership, or schools, in the basic common sense of our people, or in honoring what is legal or illegal or what is morally right and wrong?

So, really, let's stop pretending that our nation is not on death's doorstep.  Half of the unemployed can't find work and the other half don't want to work.  China and India produce more math and science scholars than we do.  Half of our children graduate high school these days and among those who do, half of those can't read and write at adult levels.  

The American discussion is dominated by minority Blacks who represent 12 percent of the populace but command 50 percent of of every welfare dollar and over a third of every preferential placement in our schools and government hiring.  Some fifty years after the Great Society programs were enacted, some sixty years since voter rights laws were passed, and after some $75 trillion dollars has been spent to raise the posture of the American Black, they continue to cry "victimhood" and accuse Whitey of trying to keep them in the back of the bus.  It's good strategy!  Pout and cry and their liberal masters will give them even more!  Or at least preserve the gravy train for a few more years.  

Some 20 million illegal Mexicans have crossed our borders, invaded our communities to live off the hugely profitable life of the criminal element, suck the life from our social safety net, then arrogantly parade down our "main streets" to demand amnesty and a seat at the table.  

Sadly, there is no room these days for the "silent majority".  The spoils go to those who scream "victim" the loudest.

Mighty Rome crumbled from corruption within...America is no different.  

The America dream died when politicians discovered they could buy power with government largess. The Great Society programs created three generations of "poverty and race "victims, thus decimating the American work ethic while draining our national treasury. Liberal courts have walked hand in hand with Big Government politicians to destroy what was left.

It's now time for America to "put her affairs in order".  Write the will, arrange for a proper burial, document the "do not resuscitate" orders and send her on to her just rewards.  Hey, 230 years wasn't so bad, was it?  

Oh, and one final request.  Bury Lady Liberty beneath Freedom Hall in Philadelphia.  That's only fitting.  It's where our founding fathers declared our independence from the monarchical corruption of a warring, tired European empire, where sloth and greed were favored and indifference to human rights and personal freedom reigned supreme.

Rest in Peace.

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Ken said...

A good friend and I are putting a design together for a Trimiran that we can build while we are able and launch it down in the Caribbean. The balance of our life spent island hopping like old pirates. Well it's a good fantasy, hope it comes to pass before the end comes here!