Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Imperial Obama Presidency & Welfare Queens


"Let them eat cake"...the famous Marie Antoinette quote, just prior to the French Revolution, when the starving peasants finally revolted and sent her and King Louis to the guillotine.  

How much different are the Obama's "vacation a month" antics as they spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars flitting off to Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard or Spain, or Date Night in New York?  Even as I write this, as tens of millions of Americans are suffering, Michelle and the two Obama girls are in the Bahamas, costing us millions in Air Force 2 flights, a huge cotillion of Secret Service agents and a huge staff to wait on them hand and foot.  

Last month it was a ski vacation in Colorado, in December it was their annual trek to Hawaii.

And yet, Obama cancelled White House tours for America's school kids because "we can't afford it".

What grand sense of entitlement possesses this President?  What measure of blindness and deafness to America's suffering must this man have that would cause him to flaunt the massive expenditure of tax payer dollars even as he directs that hot breakfasts for our troops in Afghanistan must stop in order to save tax dollars?

I can only conclude that it is the legacy of Obama's life that leads him to such arrogant folly!  We have a man child as President, one who has sucked his entire life on the government tit, whether it was free minority scholarships to private high schools, huge taxpayer subsidies for his university education and his astute understanding of milking the tax cow as a community organizer.

Obama's sense of entitlement is no different than that welfare queen down in Tampa who bred 15 fatherless kids, with 12 still at home, who demanded the taxpayer "owed her the money" to support them.  (For those liberals who claim this untrue, here's the news link, as well as the welfare queen's own testimony:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bavou_SEj1E&feature=share)

Obama simply cannot help being who he is.   His old friends in Hawaii laugh when recalling a charming Obama jumping the line for an extra toke on their community joint or grabbing a "bonus snort" of cocaine.  "Aw, that's just Barry", they are quoted as saying.

I have to agree as that seems to be the only explanation for Obama's flaunting an ultra-luxurious lifestyle, even as America suffers through the fifth year of a jobless recession and ever increasing tax burdens.  Barry is able to charm all his kool-aid drinking supporters, "jump the line" for more than his share....and then is able to mount the public stage, put on his "empathy face" and proclaim that he "feels your pain".

One final bit of irony here, folks.  In light of the $7 trillion dollars Obama added to our national debt, in light of the $10 trillion dollars Obamacare is projected to cost us, why didn't we just give Barry and Michelle their own personal Air Force One, direct deposit $100 million dollars in their personal bank account and let them say on vacation for their entire term of office.  It would have been far cheaper in the long run.

And we would not have to suffer through the silent utterings of two royals who proclaim "let them eat cake!".

Failing that, we'd better start hunting up that guillotine down in the Smithsonian...we're going to need it soon if we are to save our nation.


Ken said...

I get so tired of hearing of all, or just some members of the obama family on some trip to one exotic destination or another, together or on separate holidays and always costing over two million dollars and as high as, well, many millions of dollars. I understand he was raised on the govt welfare tit and lived in a fairly messed up home. All things considered though, he is supposedly an educated man and should know what is right and what is wrong. I am also sick of hearing people say that obama's vacation schedule is short in comparison to Junior Bush's. Bush's vacation schedule and anything else the man did slightly askew of acceptable norms was trotted out on every tv, internet and paper news and entertainment service. He was shredded completely, so obviously liberal society knows right from wrong, it's the fair application of punishment that seems to elude them. Obama's vacations on the other hand are not even mentioned which then leads me to believe that libs also know his crowded vacation schedule gives them pause as well.

You suggest simply funding a four year vacation for them saving us a lot of expensive stupid legislation being introduced. A damn good idea, but then Mark Levin was reading the prez's busy schedule from the "White House" site directly. Just yesterday the prez attended his first meeting, "the daily briefing" at 9:30am, this lasted until 10:30am when he was scheduled to attend the "egg roll", this was the extent of our president's schedule for the entire day, April, 1rst. This, in and of itself, is just disgusting for obvious reasons. Bush's schedule was packed from early morn until late evening every day of the week, as it should be for the most powerful position in the world. He wanted the job, now do the f**kin job. When he went on vacation it was usually to his Crawford, Texas ranch where he continued to conduct our nation's business and dealt with all the hateful protesters at his ranch's entrance gate. Hardly compares to an obama vacation. The disparity is so massive and so so cruel. I did not care for the politics and decisions handed down by Mr. Bush but in no way did he deserve the cruel treatment he received and still receives.
The vacation excesses of the president are not all that should be brought into question. Last week conversation was on the other idiot in the White House, the vice idiot. Half million dollars for a Paris room, and if I read right another half million in London the following night. The man in charge of the GSA, General Services, I think is the name, was relieved of his position a year ago for spending hundreds of thousands on a Vegas party for his staff. This actually made the news but further investigation found that a lot more money was spent and illegal activity was found to go quite a bit deeper. Now that the public has forgotten about it all he has been given his job back, all pay and perks reinstated and that's it.

It just goes on and on and on and on and on..... this is all just bullshit, this is my money godamnit. I cannot afford a vacation this year nor next and these people have the audacity to take my money and spend it in this regal and ridiculous fashion. Something needs to give here and I know it will probably be me, it ought be blood and it ought to be theirs.

Wow, thanks, got that off my chest, yet I feel no better. How about that April 14 tax revolt, I guess we all forgot that too. Everybody has to get to work and pay their taxes! Well at least the, what was your figure, around twenty percent that support the rest of the "on the tit" set.

Just Sickening

A Modest Scribler said...

Stand by Mr. Ken. Beginning tomorrow I am re-posting "What If Fifty Million of Us Stopped Paying Taxes, followed by my five part "entitlement" series which details where all your tax money is going. So, for the next six days, you have my tax mini-series just in time for tax paying season.

That series will be followed by an epitaph for America.