Monday, April 22, 2013

The Supreme Power of Denial


Most folks have at least one foot in the real world.  So, they can at least claim to have a tentative grip on reality.  That one foot does wonders, and works for most.  Except politicians and government bureaucrats.  

I may be wrong but it seems to me that, these days, our government masters are assuming a whole new strategy in developing an "otherworld view" on almost any issue.  If I could just offer a few examples.

When folks question the security of our southern border President Obama and Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano claim the border has never been more secure.  And what do they base their opinion on?  They have caught fewer illegal crossing the border during the past four years.


My first question is "who's to say that our Border Patrol are not just taking the lead from their political leaders and have become more lax in running down the invaders?  Even the Border Patrol's own union leaders have complained about their frustration that, when they catch them, Obama and Janet and Holder direct that they be let go!  Now if I'm busting my ass in plus 100 degree heat running down a swift young Mexican, how hard and far will I pursue the little bastard knowing that, when captured, he's going to get three hots and a cot and released?  

And, in the last three or four years how many of our Border Patrol has gotten busted for taking bribes to look the other way while drug cartels ferry their wares over the border?  I've read of dozens of these government busts and how many more are never caught?  So, if our Border Patrol is increasingly "on the take" shouldn't we question the validity of the numbers of illegals caught?

So, we can look at the illegal immigration numbers in two ways; we can look around our cities and see even more illegal hit and runs,  more home invasions, more drop houses, an increase in the availability of illegal drugs, an increase in anchor baby births, a corresponding increase in the number of illegals applying for welfare and WIC benefits...or we can deny all of those things and say "the border has never been more secure.

Ah, the power of denial!

Okay, let's leave the border for a moment.

About a month ago one of Obama's lackeys at CBS asked the President about the massive $17 trillion dollar debt.  Remember what Obama said? (After all it did make the headlines, even in the liberal press).  Obama boldly stated that we have no debt problem!

Wow!  It takes quite a detour from reality to proclaim we don't have a debt problem.  What manner of six foot invisible rabbit is following Obama around and what is he whispering in the Anointed One's ears?

Ah, the convenience of denial!

But perhaps the grandest and greatest execution of denial has been the Democratic Senate's failure to publish a budget for four consecutive years!  Never been done before.  And during that time they spent $7 trillion dollars more than they took in from revenues!  I gotta tell you, when you can write checks, to buy anything you want, and never have to balance that checkbook, and never have to look at your spending totals, that's the ultimate in denial.  It is luxury denial on steroids!

The rest of us, those of us with at least one foot in the real world, sit here astounded!  Astounded that liberals can get away with this "denial strategy"; that they continue to get re-elected and have their "denial strategy" validated by the liberal left.  

Sadly, every dream comes to an end.  When all of our cities are infested with armies of illegals, when they are all uninhabitable, when America is as corrupt and poverty stricken as Mexico, then illegal immigration can no longer be denied.

And, with respect to the currently orgasmic federal spending levels, the Fed will sometime have to stop printing funny money, and our Chinese bankers will come and demand we pay our debts, and then even the "dreamers" will face a sad reality, and denial will no longer be a viable political strategy.

And it will then be far too late to do anything about any of it.

Sad, Damned Sad.


Brian Clancy said...

Well said as usual. If only more people would pay attention or at least listen to the ones that are, but maybe they're just in denial.

Brian Clancy said...

Well said as usual. If only more people would pay attention or at least listen to the ones that are, but maybe they're just in denial.