Saturday, April 6, 2013

Medicaid Queens

Medicaid Queens, Part 3 of the Entitlement Series

This past weekend the Arizona Republic ran an investigative report on taxpayer support for Arizona births.   It seems that Arizona taxpayers paid out over $200 million dollars to foot the cost for over 53% of all births in the state of Arizona.

The report further stated that other states, far more lenient with Medicaid, spent even more.  Keep in mind that only two years ago Arizona was some $800 million in the hole.  Our legislature was forced to cut back on spending for AHCCS, the Arizona Health program tied to the federal Medicaid program.  And still, even after raising the sales tax, selling our government buildings, including the capitol building, we are still spending over $200 million dollars a year to support folks who clearly can't afford babies!  In 2010 an amazing 65% of these breeders are unmarried women and it was apparently even higher before we ran out of money to fund everyone's sex life!  !  Isn't it wonderful that we can pay for a woman to have a very active sex life?

Isn't it ironic that old folks get banged on pretty good for their Medicare costs, yet able bodied young people are breeding like rats and costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicaid and not a word is said.  After all, they're "entitled".    While old people paid into Medicare their entire working lives, and still must pay a monthly premium, plus doctor and hospital co-pays, these able bodied breeders get Medicaid absolutely free, no premium expected and not even a co-pay is asked.

Does anyone remember a couple of decades ago when couples were forced to plan for, and budget for an addition the family?  How in hell did we get to the point where taxpayers have to pay for irresponsible breeding?  And, of course, we know the costs of this breeding goes far beyond paying the hospital bill for a maternity ward.  We must fund the Women and Infant's Nutrition program (WIC), as the little rug rats mature we'll be paying for state funded day care, state funded pre-school, we must give them free medical and dental under the Medicaid program, we must give that family Food Stamps, then we must educate them so that they can read at the 5th grade level when they graduate from high school!

Again, it is the sense of ultimate entitlement, it is that government "cradle to grave" caring that encourages these breeders, these leeches that feed off of the taxpayer.   Americans once had shame if they had to take any kind of charity, but these people feel entitled to all of these costly and generous government benefits.  And should you ever threaten to take it away these leeches will moan and scream, call you heartless and demand even more!

Finally, if these breeders are really good breeders, and if they fail to take their government provided birth control pills they can breed half a dozen kids and be granted a huge IRS bonus check in the form of Child Tax Credits!  Imagine that!  If you wish to breed six kids the IRS will send you a $15,000 dollar check every April!.....and you need not even be a working tax payer to receive that nice gob of lottery cash!  And why not?  After all, they're entitled!


Sad.  Damned Sad.

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