Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Welfare Breeds Hate


Folks, I'm going to tell you something today that you probably already know,  don't wish to admit, and certainly don't want me reminding you of it.  Blacks hate us!

Now, I don't know about you but I've never owned slaves, have always judged someone by their character and not their race, and have kicked in my fair share of taxes that funded support programs for Blacks.  So, until today, I have always been somewhat perplexed about why we "honkies" are hated by the Black world.  

I'm convinced now that Blacks are pissed because we give so many of them a welfare check and a Food Stamp card, and Section 8 housing, and preferential quotas for employment and minority scholarships, and WIC, and taxpayer funded urban renewal programs...the list goes on and on!  Face it!  Blacks don't want White Devils giving them things!

A couple of years ago I ran the numbers on the costs of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society Programs since their inception in 1965.  That's when all these programs started.  In the late 90's the New York Times reported that federal and state expenditures for welfare and the antipoverty programs totaled more than 75 trillion state and federal dollars.  I then looked at Health and Human Services numbers that reported that Blacks, who make up 12 percent of the population, command 47 cents of every welfare dollar.  

Folks, that's about half of every tax dollar accrued over the last 48 years!  And Blacks hate us for it!  And they may have good cause!  I invite you to run the numbers on two parent Black families from 1965 to the present.  In 1965 two parent Black families were comparable to their White counter parts; around 75% of Black families had both parents at home.  Today two parent White families are about 70% while less than 30 percent of Black families have both parents in the home!  We did that to Blacks!  It's called Social Engineering and Liberal embrace it!

So the only conclusion I can come to is that welfare breeds hate against Whites and we're just gonna have to stop giving Blacks welfare if we ever hope to make friends with them!  Hell, look at the facts!  Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are millionaires, make their fortunes from Black hate and don't give Blacks a dime...and the Blacks love them!  Charlie Rangel, senior Congressman from Harlem, and, until recently, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, got busted for $10 million dollars in tax fraud, has never opened his wallet for a Black cause, and is worshipped in Harlem where he gets re-elected year after year!  Jessie Jackson Jr. just got busted this past year for spending over $700,000 dollars of his district's campaign donations for furs and furniture and Michael Jackson souvenirs...and Blacks screamed White discrimination when he was finally busted and sent to prison.  Even The Anointed One, Barack Obama, has a brother over in Kenya living in a grass hut, Barack won't send him a dime, and he's worshipped by Black America!  

And how about all those billionaire rap artists?  You see them riding in limousines, dining at the finest restaurants, wearing ruby ear-buds in their ears, and don't give a cent to those dudes who buy their records.  Last year Beyonce and her main squeeze spent a million dollars for a private birthing suite while millions of Blacks live in poverty...and the Blacks love them!  You ever seen Michael Jordan passing out shoes on the south side of Chicago?  Blacks worship him!

Folks, we wanna be loved too!  So we've just got to put a stop to these trillion dollar welfare and social service programs.  All it does it make them hate us.

Hey, if we don't stop all this government charity it's gonna get worse!  Can you imagine the range of hate 20 million illegals Mexicans are gonna lay on us after we give them amnesty, citizenship, and a front row seat to our welfare programs?  We're not gonna survive THAT hate!

And then, to cap it all off, we learned this week , that those two Boston Bomber boys, and their families were on Welfare too!  In less than a decade that Welfare aid generated so much hate that they decided they needed to blow up innocent people in an effort to show their contempt of our welfare assistance.

Yep.  Welfare breeds's damned expensive as it eats up more than half of all government revenue, and all it does is prevent those who receive it from showering their love and appreciation for us!  In the immortal words of Barney Fife "let's nip it in the bud...nip it in the bud!"

It seems neglect just might be a beautiful thing!

P.S.  And if worse comes to worse, and they still hate us when we stop giving them welfare, what have we lost?  And we'll have gained a trillion dollars a year to pay off our massive federal debt!  Winner, Winner!


Jean Grae said...

For a sound argument you ought to pull up statistics on the ethnicities of welfare recipients

A Modest Scribler said...

Jean, here's the welfare stat straight from Health and Human Services: Blacks make up 12 percent of the U.S. Populace, yet command .42 cents of every welfare dollar.

While 70 percent of Whites are two parent households, only 30% of Blacks are two parent households.

Enough said. I could argue all day with solid hard core facts...and you would deny them.