Sunday, April 7, 2013

Post Mortem; America At War With Herself

Part 5, The Entitlement Series Concludes

In parts 1 through 4 of my essays on the Entitlement Class I identified the segments of American society that are poised to destroy us.  All of them have two things in common; they are arrogant and they possess an intense sense of entitlement.  Those two traits have led America down the road to destruction.

Did anyone notice that I did not include politicians?  That was intentional.  Politicians, while arrogant, and often feel entitled, are simply the mirror image of us; it is the electorate, us,  that keeps them in office and it is the electorate who must shoulder the blame for their political failings.  At any point in time, had America decided to flow to the voting booths in numbers greater than an apathetic 50% of eligible voters, we could have steered our country back to the path which gained us prominence.

Now, we have most probably reached the Post Mortem stage where only a violent 2nd Civil War will restore America to her former glory.    Why do I say that?  Well, first of all, we see the first seeds of a Socialist State as more than half of America, afraid to lose a government check, re-electing a radical socialist who has done more to destroy our nation than any President in our history.  America will ignore his failings and give him carte blanche to become "emperor" during a second term of czars and Presidential edicts and selectively enforcing our nation's laws.

So, it appears that the other half of America, the "producers" are slow to wake up to the impending disaster. When that productive half of America finally does wake up, when all the Obama fees and taxes and edicts and regulations are finally in place, the producers will revolt.  But it will be too late to get to the voting booth.  It will be too late to avoid the squeeze of the working man by the massive entitlement class, with entitlements that are already set in stone.  And when all the ills associated with trying to fund and manage a United Socialist States of America, these frustrated Americans cry "no more Mr. Nice Guy.

A read of my earlier blogs "A Second Civil War" and "Obama Re-Election Means a 2nd Civil War" details how I perceive the war evolving, the participants, the players, the time lines.

Barring a miracle, barring a creator who blessed us for creating a true Republic, intervening come November 2014, America is in for a violent Civil War...and sooner than you think.

How many of you are arrogant enough to believe that it can't happen here?  Well, all I can offer are the USSR breakup, Kosovo, the entire Middle East, the Indian and China revolutions, Greece and Spain, all in recent history.  If you believe we're immune from revolution think again.  America is slowly dying and there will come a time when the half of us believe in some sense of morality, and in the rule of law, will take to the streets.

I believe liberals have written a Post Mortem for the America we knew.  Sadly, to retrieve that American Republic we'll have to fight and suffer for it.  America had one last chance to avoid this tribulation.  That chance came last November 6th.  Perhaps there is one small chance to turn the tide.  If enough of Obama's health care ills are visited on enough Americans, if we continue to suffer from massive unemployment, and if Americans finally begin to feel the effect of higher taxes in their lives, they just might revolt in November 2014 and send liberals in Congress and their "entitlement classes" packing....and stop one Socialist Son of Bitch from reaching his socialist goals.

If we fail to resolve this at the ballot box it will surely be resolved in the streets.  And that won't be pretty.  America is at war with herself these days.  And the bad guys are winning.


TheRandyGuy said...

While I don't disagree with you, I believe you severely underestimate the level of apathy in this country. As I have written before, I am a business owner. I fully understand the ramifications of reelecting the Marxist empty suit for a second term. Yet, many of my friends who enjoy a very high standard of living couldn't care less about politics or who is in the White House. They feel insulated from the bad things in life because they are so wealthy. This is stupid arrogance but they won't listen to me, in fact they laugh at me. This attitude is absolutely lethal to the future of our nation. I honestly wonder if enough care, or can be made to care. My experience leads me to doubt it.

JustCommonSense said...

Randy, if you go back and read my two blogs on the 2nd civil war you'll see that I say it won't be the rich who begin the will be the blue collar tax paying working man...the rich will only join the fray much later, when it becomes essential that you join one side or the other, just to survive.

So, apathy among the rich, or even those in the middle class is not currently relevant...but apathy ends when the oppression of the "makers" begins to severely affect their lifestyle. And then the war begins and apathy is the last thing to worry about.

Thanks for your comments.